Storyline Gold

Gold opens in 1936 Olympics in Berlin. Nope, Akshay Kumar‘s Tapan Das isn’t the star player on the hockey field. Instead, he’s the ‘hey you’ of the British India’s national hockey team.

When the boys win the match and stand on the podium to receive the medal, Tapan who is the team’s manager vows with a hand on the Tricolour, to win the gold medal for a free India. Echoing a similar sentiment is the match’s star captain Samrat (Kunal Kapoor) and Imtiaz (Vineet Singh).

But when the Olympics take a backseat with the World War II raging and India on the other hand, on the brink of achieving freedom, Tapan finds solace in alcohol and indulging in fraud activities.

Until the 1948 Olympics is announced and he finds it a perfect opportunity to seek revenge from the British Raj and win the gold and see the Indian flag furling high on British soil. Of course, the journey isn’t going to be easy. But Tapan is crystal clear- ‘Hum Ek Pagal Bengali Hain, Hum Hockey Se Pyaar Karta Hai, Apna Desh Se Pyaar Karta Hai.’

The movie has its story done by Reema Kagti & Rajesh Devraj. The cinematography of the movie is done by Alvaro Gutierrez. Overall, the movie has 8 songs.