The Complete Guide: All the Leprechaun Movies in Order

The mischievous and malevolent Leprechaun has been a beloved and iconic character in the horror-comedy genre for decades. With his cunning tricks, dark humor, and relentless pursuit of his stolen gold, the Leprechaun has entertained audiences through a series of films that blend scares and laughter. In this article, we’ll explore all the Leprechaun movies in order, providing you with a guide on how to watch this unique franchise that has left viewers both terrified and amused.

Leprechaun (1993)

The journey begins with the original film, simply titled “Leprechaun.” This cult classic introduces us to the wicked Leprechaun, played by Warwick Davis, as he seeks revenge on those who have stolen his gold. Jennifer Aniston makes her film debut in this humorous horror tale, setting the stage for the franchise’s unique blend of scares and dark comedy.

Leprechaun 2 (1994)

In “Leprechaun 2,” the mischievous Leprechaun returns to continue his pursuit of a bride. Released a year after the original, this sequel amplifies the horror elements while maintaining the series’ signature humor. Join the Leprechaun as he unleashes his twisted tricks upon unsuspecting victims in this entertaining follow-up.

Leprechaun 3 (1995)

Taking the franchise in a new direction, “Leprechaun 3” ventures into the realm of Las Vegas. When the Leprechaun’s gold is stolen and turned into a magical coin, chaos ensues in the glittering city of sin. This installment adds a touch of Vegas showmanship to the Leprechaun’s antics, delivering both laughs and frights.

Leprechaun 4: In Space (1997)

Yes, you read that correctly. The Leprechaun goes to space in “Leprechaun 4: In Space.” This intergalactic adventure takes the franchise to new and absurd heights as the Leprechaun wreaks havoc on a space station. Brace yourself for a wild and unexpected journey into the far reaches of the universe.

Leprechaun in the Hood (2000)

Returning to Earth, the Leprechaun finds himself in the urban setting of “Leprechaun in the Hood.” Mixing horror, comedy, and hip-hop, this installment follows the Leprechaun as he hunts down a group of aspiring rappers who have stolen his magic flute. Prepare for a funky and hilarious ride in this unique entry in the series.

Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood (2003)

Continuing the urban adventure, “Leprechaun: Back 2 tha Hood” brings the wicked Leprechaun back to the streets. This time, he hunts down a group of friends who have unwittingly come into possession of his gold coins. With a blend of scares, laughs, and social commentary, this installment keeps the franchise fresh and entertaining.

Leprechaun: Origins (2014)

In a departure from the previous films, “Leprechaun: Origins” serves as a reboot of the franchise, featuring a darker and more sinister tone. This entry delves into the origins of the Leprechaun legend, focusing on a group of unsuspecting backpackers who stumble upon an ancient evil in the Irish countryside. Experience a grittier and more terrifying side of the Leprechaun in this reimagination.


The Leprechaun movies offer a unique blend of horror, comedy, and whimsical mischief that has captivated audiences over the years. From the original cult classic to the intergalactic and urban adventures, each film in the franchise adds its own spin to the misadventures of the malevolent Leprechaun. Whether you’re seeking scares, laughs, or a combination of both, watching the Leprechaun movies in order is a must for horror fans looking for a wickedly fun viewing experience.

Note: There is also an eighth installment titled “Leprechaun Returns” (2018), which serves as a direct sequel to the original film. While it deviates from the chronological order, it can be watched after the first movie for those who want to continue the Leprechaun’s tale.

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