We Become What We Behold for Windows 2021 Free Download

Become What We See is a 5-minute game that looks at how social media makes small differences into the worst monsters. It is a politically neutral game, exploring the horrors of the virus of segregation and nationalism.

The actor picks up “news,” which controls what the circles and squares on the screen see and has control over how they think and act.

Warning: The following program contains scenes of swearing, bullying, and murder. Audience comprehension is advised.

The games were created and first published by Nicky Case (this is not an official port from him). You can find the original web version at this link:

Enter a social media dystopia in We Become What We Behold

Become What We See is a simple, free browser-based game with cartoon graphics that requires you to save on social media, taking pictures of fun events. However, the events you focus on have an impact on the community you see.

A simple illustration of a murder sometimes

We Become What We See in the end is about the toxic effects of social media, for example by using a simple game mechanic. You control the camera window you use to click on events that take place between a crowd of cartoon characters on the screen. Download amazing events and you’ll get more viewers – but what viewers see will affect their behavior. That would be as simple as starting a fashion for jaunty hats or as dangerous as stopping a hate culture that ends up leading to violence.

5 minute downer with exciting ideas

Becoming What We See is not a difficult game, and lasts about five minutes. The graphics are simple but beautiful and the message is a bit confusing. It’s worth investing for a while – and, after all, a little bit of everything is needed.


  • Cute
  • cartoony graphics
  • Good use of mechanics to make a social point


  • Short run time and limited replay value
  • Slightly facile
  • on-the-nose social commentary

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