VS Hex Mod – Friday Night Funkin for Pc 2021 Free Download

Finally the full Week of VS Hex mod on Friday night Funkin ’has arrived and is AWESOME!

Friday Night Funkin ‘is a game based on entertainment, in which there is an actor named’ Boyfriend ‘who wants to win the day with’ His Girlfriend ‘. He can only win ‘this day’, if he defeats rivals (converted to various types of mods). A ‘boyfriend’ can defeat a rival only by showing the power of music. The game contains very powerful music and sound, attracting many players. This particular mod was edited by KadeDeveloper. YingYang48 is the artist and composer of this mod.


This Mod is actually, Basketball themed. As you know drill, in this mod, ‘Boyfriend’ has to defeat Hex, our new rival from this mod. Hex is a tall-looking actor and comes to a boyfriend on a sunny week, near a basketball court. He looks like a robotic and there is no doubt, is there a bad motive for “Vibe” coming from him or not? In the game, he is wearing a basketball jersey, a white tank with orange shorts. He owns a Microsoft-converted basketball that fits well with the theme mode. Music and sound are always the same, “It’s amazing” in this mod too.

To find out you have to play and feel alone. Your girlfriend is here to watch you win !!

This mod comes with the following features:

  • A whole new week of songs featuring Hex, and cutscenes.
  • 5 units units
  • All Kade Engine features that can be opened in the options menu, such as Accuracy Stats, New Input System, DFJK keyblinds and replays !!
  • A bonus song called “Encore” which will open after the end of Hex’s Week.

The mod is completely safe to download as it is licensed.

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