VRtuos Companion App for Windows 2021 Free Download

Combine VR with piano lessons

VRtuos Companion App is a free music software that works in partnership with VRtuos Pro, a free VR video piano video game. Developed by Pavel Marceluch, these two are designed for Oculus Quest and your own real piano, allowing for easy instrument lessons with real reality.

This compatible program will require an internet connection to connect your VR headset and MIDI piano together.

Read any song

VRtuos Pro is a rhythm VR software that can be used to easily teach and learn piano. It works by displaying falling notes on a piano key, such as how Synthesia performs.

You have to press the buttons as they turn on to follow the music. The game also allows you to import songs you want to read, as long as they are in .MID or MIDI file format.

Note that this is not a piano simulator – it only shows the notes of the song being played as a guide so you still need the piano itself or a music keyboard to use it.

You can use any type and size of piano as the software simply measures its piano by tracking manually. However, two game modes – Read and Have Points – require a MIDI piano because they will see your input and record your accuracy.

For your MIDI piano to work next to your VR headset, you need to use the VRtuos Companion App to connect it. To do so, simply select the input and output device for the compatible application, and connect your headset and piano to the same network as the IP address.

Learn and Scored work is the best in a fast 5G network. Other than that, however, there is not much else in this program.

Required tool

All in all, the VRtuos Companion App is a great resource for VRtuos due to the lack of USD cable support between the MIDI piano and Oculus Quest. This is probably the software required if you want to try all VRtuos methods, but it’s a shame it doesn’t offer any other feature or functionality.

However, the developer is finally planning to improve this app, and buying a game to support him will definitely help.


  • The official side utility to VRtuos
  • Lets you connect your Oculus Quest and your MIDI piano
  • Enables two game modes


  • Has only one function
  • Requires fast internet connection

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