V.S Zardy – Foolhardy – FNF Mod for Windows 2021 Free Download

Free horror mod rhythm game

V.S Zardy – Foolhardy – The FNF Mod is a crossover between Friday Night Funkin ‘and Zaze’s Maze. The rules are always the same; align each arrow as you reach the top of the screen.

Changes in the set and opposition – Zardy. Zardy sings a powerful rhythm, a lovely cone that challenges Boyfriend in singing a corn field. There are still 3 difficulty settings to choose from, but this mod is designed to be extremely difficult even in the simplest of settings.

Are you ready for Zardy Foolhardy?

Beatboxing continues in Zardy Mod, a model of the musical game, Funkin ‘Friday night. Instead of building a new bonus week, the model brings you directly into media mode and allows you to start the game instantly.

He is greeted by Zardy who reprimands Boyfriend and Girlfriend for illegally entering his place. Clearly, Zardy is starting a war. This means that the game does not include the normal FNF temperature.

To align each floating arrow as closely as possible, use your WASD or arrow keys. The result of each cycle will be determined by the meter below the frame. Meters can be set left or right.

It will move to the left if you win, and it will move to the right if you lose. Meters can change to green or red depending on how well you work.

According to one of the developers of V. Zardy, SwankyBox, this mod is heavier than V.S. FULL WEEK WHITTY and The Tricky Mod. He loved to create extremely challenging games, like Zardy’s Maze, so he wanted to build it for FNF.

Zardy’s music is inspired by another challenging rhythm game, Guitar Hero. Specifically, Guitar Hero 3’s Through Fire and Flames. It will take a lot of focus and practice to finish this mod.

The hardest mode for FNF right now

Once you have completed the V.S. WHITTY FULL WEEK with The Tricky Mod and you like heavy metal, then this mod is for you. It should be very difficult to finish, but it is definitely worth the effort.

The mod doesn’t make any changes to the gameplay, so you get to focus on making new songs. While Zardy is a non-canon FNF character, the addition of cut scenes allows the mod to fit snugly into the current FNF timeline.


  • Align arrows to the beat
  • Controls are easy to follow
  • New, heavy metal type music
  • New, non-cannon opponent


  • Limited to characters
  • Extremely difficult to finish

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