Play Diamond Gold Result 13th September 2022, Play Diamond Gold Star Coupon Result Current Day (24*7) Here

Play Diamond Gold Result 13th September 2022, Check the Live Play Diamond Gold Result for various draws at the respective draw time. Play Diamond Gold Result will be out at different times as per the table provided below.

Play Diamond Gold Result

Play Diamond Gold Result

The investment required for the Play Diamond Gold is meager which makes many put their savings into the Play Diamond Gold lottery and buy the Play Diamond Gold coupon. It is usually these souls who are very keen to know the Play Diamond Gold result. The Play Diamond Gold is a daily lottery whole results are published every 15 minutes. Play Diamond Gold has a few Play Gold Diamond coupons all of whose results are declared at the same time. We have here in this article Play Diamond Gold Result today.

Play Diamond Gold Result Today 13/09/2022

2022-09-139:00 am98018672
2022-09-139:15 am61115210
2022-09-139:30 am18141364
2022-09-139:45 am01992254
2022-09-1310:00 am71208625
2022-09-1310:15 am12139338
2022-09-1310:30 am42720808
2022-09-1310:45 am23748517
2022-09-1311:00 am76585391
2022-09-1311:15 am89516841
2022-09-1311:30 am52863643
2022-09-1311:45 am88012933
2022-09-1312:00 pm94775351
2022-09-1312:15 pm44464522
2022-09-1312:30 pm42512055
2022-09-1312:45 pm79546793
2022-09-131:00 pm27105283
2022-09-131:15 pm52246742

Play Diamond Gold Result Today 12/09/2022

2022-09-129:00 am29237444
2022-09-129:15 am85120375
2022-09-129:30 am46353547
2022-09-129:45 am09760690
2022-09-1210:00 am24931142
2022-09-1210:15 am17406592
2022-09-1210:30 am40069354
2022-09-1210:45 am91552275
2022-09-1211:00 am39138867
2022-09-1211:15 am71082589
2022-09-1211:30 am95968662
2022-09-1211:45 am10641416
2022-09-1212:00 pm12300592
2022-09-1212:15 pm33357205
2022-09-1212:30 pm97486991
2022-09-1212:45 pm51594101
2022-09-121:00 pm69846558
2022-09-121:15 pm46331480
2022-09-121:30 pm33977853
2022-09-121:45 pm98596129
2022-09-122:00 pm40653412
2022-09-122:15 pm79911312
2022-09-122:30 pm18219952
2022-09-122:45 pm66062128
2022-09-123:00 pm05468610
2022-09-123:15 pm19362500
2022-09-123:30 pm32242203
2022-09-123:45 pm46695941
2022-09-124:00 pm61160823
2022-09-124:15 pm64018444
2022-09-124:30 pm11805992
2022-09-124:45 pm24001363
2022-09-125:00 pm40833207
2022-09-125:15 pm48224017
2022-09-125:30 pm30206331
2022-09-125:45 pm71957399
2022-09-126:00 pm42213172
2022-09-126:15 pm14087175
2022-09-126:30 pm48962890
2022-09-126:45 pm57564472
2022-09-127:00 pm34222947
2022-09-127:15 pm84243627
2022-09-127:30 pm75667958
2022-09-127:45 pm13432855
2022-09-128:00 pm70126024
2022-09-128:15 pm67197823
2022-09-128:30 pm61507188
2022-09-128:45 pm53978648
2022-09-129:00 pm36420321

Play Diamond Gold Result 11/09/2022

2022-09-119:00 am18040393
2022-09-119:15 am03306057
2022-09-119:30 am39106970
2022-09-119:45 am27371646
2022-09-1110:00 am78993701
2022-09-1110:15 am24743632
2022-09-1110:30 am29942095
2022-09-1110:45 am39539446
2022-09-1111:00 am86475022
2022-09-1111:15 am43582830
2022-09-1111:30 am16298776
2022-09-1111:45 am24495423
2022-09-1112:00 pm76256124
2022-09-1112:15 pm93270779
2022-09-1112:30 pm43198147
2022-09-1112:45 pm32909014
2022-09-111:00 pm67222786
2022-09-111:15 pm30946468
2022-09-111:30 pm33994161
2022-09-111:45 pm18166707
2022-09-112:00 pm92314861
2022-09-112:15 pm30701827
2022-09-112:30 pm42665484
2022-09-112:45 pm26714615
2022-09-113:00 pm32320491
2022-09-113:15 pm54625192
2022-09-113:30 pm95522951
2022-09-113:45 pm31467846
2022-09-114:00 pm38239600
2022-09-114:15 pm11727966
2022-09-114:30 pm15350804
2022-09-114:45 pm99545459
2022-09-115:00 pm77348532
2022-09-115:15 pm48903839
2022-09-115:30 pm09419252
2022-09-115:45 pm92908929
2022-09-116:00 pm30896810
2022-09-116:15 pm91550175
2022-09-116:30 pm97172072
2022-09-116:45 pm71516572
2022-09-117:00 pm93625000
2022-09-117:15 pm09553313
2022-09-117:30 pm86024829
2022-09-117:45 pm42998872
2022-09-118:00 pm20670191
2022-09-118:15 pm00821029
2022-09-118:30 pm12900510
2022-09-118:45 pm43565678
2022-09-119:00 pm77337546

Play Diamond Gold Coupons

The Play Diamond Gold lottery has a few different coupons and those interested can buy any of the Play Diamond Gold Coupons. We have given the Play Gold Diamond result today here in the section above. Given below are the different Play Diamond Gold Coupons. Each coupon costs Rs.11 

  • Gold Star
  • Rajrani
  • Navratan Gold
  • Chetak Gold

Formula To Play Play Gold Diamond

Given below are the steps to partake in the Play Gold Diamond

  • Given below are the steps to partake in Play Gold Diamond
  • Create a free account on the official website.
  • Now Login with login and password
  • Interested can play from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
  • Now select draw time to play the game
  • Place the bet on any combination and choose your Play Diamond Coupon
  • Play Diamond Gold Result will be updated every 15 minutes

How Is The Play Gold Diamond Result Declared?

The Play Gold Diamond Result will be declared every 15 minutes. The bettors will need to place their bets on any one or more numbers in the A, B, C, D, E, F series inside ou and in the pair numbers 00-99. The result will be updated online when each draw is timed, the first number of the result is matched with the inside while the second number is matched with the inside and outside. If numbers your placed you bet on matched with the result then you win. The Winning prize is Rs. 100

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