Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Couples Still Together, Which MAFS Season 9 Couple Still Together?

Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Couples Still Together – Married At First Sight Australia is a dating show that has crossed a number of seasons and knowing Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Couples Still Together is something that all fans of this show have been looking for. This article will enlighten you of Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Couples Still Together

Married At First Sight Australia

An American reality television series, Married at First Sight, is a dating show series. The show premiered on July 8, 2014. It is based on the Danish serial Gift Ved Frste Blik, which premiered on DR3 on September 4, 2013. The format of the original Danish series has been marketed to broadcasters worldwide. The series premiered on FYI in the United States. It began airing in simulcast on sister network A&E with season two. Three to five couples are partnered by relationship specialists and agree to marry when they first meet in the program. The specialists for the first three seasons came from various professions related to the human system. Before heading for their honeymoon, the couple spends their wedding night in a motel. After returning home, they live as a married couple for the next eight weeks. They must then decide whether to divorce or remain married.

Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Contestants 

One thing you can count on from Married At First Sight Australia is wine-throwing, rage outbursts, and infidelity scandals year after year. However, it rarely produces lasting love stories. However, as we enter Season 9 with open eyes, hearts, and low expectations, at least one of the new matches may make it all the way. After all, in 2021, Season 8 offered two lifelong love tales. We’ll be looking at which couples have made it to the outside as our experts, John Aiken, Mel Schilling, and Alessandra Rampolla put together a string of pairings from the 16 candidates. See what we know so far about which Married At First Sight Season 9 couples are still together by scrolling through.

S.No Name Of The Pair                                    
1 Tamara & Brent 
2 Selin & Anthony
3 Ella & Mitch
4 Domenica & Jack
5 Holly & Andrew
6 Cody & Selina 
7 Olivia & Jackson
8 Samantha & Al
9 Carolina & Dion
10 Kate & Matt 

Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Couples Still Together

1)  Selin & Anthony

The MAFS premiere gave Selin and Anthony the fairytale treatment, from the slow-motion cinematography to the beautiful string music. Is this romantic cut implying that the couple will be the year’s big love story? Right now, that appears to be highly unlikely. Selin and Anthony are another on-screen pair who recently started following each other on Instagram after rumors circulated. While it may appear to be a minor detail, it indicates that something is wrong with their fledgling connection. As far as now, the couple is together as per the sources.


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2) Ella & Mitch

When they met at the altar in the second episode, this gorgeous couple was full steam ahead. “When Ella met Mitch, she stated, “The experts struck the nail on the head with items I asked for.” Mitch added, “Likewise” Unlike the first two couples, Ella and Mitch are still following and liking each other’s Instagram postings. At the very least, they’re cordial, but we’re hoping they’ve been able to maintain their lighthearted friendship beyond the show.


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3) Domenica & Jack

When these two first set eyes on each other, they were instantly smitten and began discussing all of their commonalities in the middle of the ceremony. They had a lot in common, from their shared Italian origin to their love of dogs. “Experts, I believe, have nailed it. Dom is stunning, she’s wonderful, and she appears to be one-of-a-kind “On the day of their wedding, Jack exclaimed. Thankfully, there are numerous indications that these two are still together!


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4)Cody & Selina 

Cody was anxious that Selina, his physical bride, was asking too many relationship questions, so their wedding ceremony was a flop. He’s also acknowledged that he’s not sexually attracted to her since then. Things only got worse when Selina asked Cody if his attraction to her was hampered by the fact that she was Asian. Despite the fact that his remark saddened her, Selina claims she chose to stay because it was still early days.


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5) Olivia & Jackson

Do you think these two are real? Fortunately, the couple has been following each other on Instagram since the beginning, which is one huge indicator that things are going well. On betting sites, they’re also favored to make it to the finish of the show, which is great news!


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6) Samantha & Al

Samantha said during her photoshoot with her “fun-loving” spouse Al, “I want a divorce,” so things were not looking good. On their wedding day, Sam told the cameras, “Al is incredibly fun and he’s very lovely to look at, but true love requires a lot more than great bone structure.” Has the situation, however, improved? On our screens, Al and Sam have just gotten “intimate,” and their relationship is clearly going on the right path.


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7)  Carolina & Dion

Carolina arrived three hours late for her wedding ceremony, but she still made a sweet impact on Dion in the early hours of their special day. The fact that she refused to tell him about her teen son, on the other hand, did not sit well with Dion’s pals. Carolina shared the story with Dion after they expressed their concerns, and things seemed to be improving. But, since we’ve only watched one episode, who knows what this combo has planned for us! Is the couple still together? It doesn’t look great, with Carolina and Dion not following each other on Instagram at the moment. 


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8)  Kate & Matt

The only positive aspect of Kate and Matt’s wedding day is that it effectively ruined Chicken Twisties for the whole Australian populace. Good. Those things are disgusting, and we’re sick of seeing them served as snacks. Kate, on the other hand, appeared indifferent in her groom, revealing that she didn’t feel a “spark” with him. While the couple’s wedding day got off to a rocky start, things are looking good for them in the long term.


Married At First Sight Australia Season 9 Couples Still Together-FAQ

How many seasons in Married At First Sight Australia?

Married At First Sight Australia has 9 seasons

Are Jamie and Elizabeth from Season 9 of married at first sight still together?

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson were also a MAFS season 9 couple. The duo was a success story on the show and are married today.

When did Married At First Sight Australia season 9 premier?

Married At First Sight Australia season 9 premiered on 1 Feb 2022

Are Amber and Matt still together?

Amber Pike and Matt Barnett: Still together

Who is still together from Married at First Sight Australia 2020?

Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente: Series eight

And their romance is still going strong, with the pair recently moving in together in Brisbane over summer. They are also now proud parents to their dog Enzo and often share sweet photos.