Family By The Ton Where Are They Now? Everything We Need To Know About Here!

Family By The Ton Where Are They Now, is something that all serial watching fans need to know and this show is about a family, who all together weigh more and have a debilitating food addiction. This article is to know about the Family By The Ton Where Are They Now. Scroll the article given below to know more on Family By The Ton Where Are They Now.  

Family By The Ton 

Cousins Naomi, Drew, and Chitoka almost weigh2,000 pounds collectively. Whereas with the support of Dr. Charles Procter Jr., the anguished cousins endeavor to overpower apprehensions and live more nourishing lives, and this sequence tracks their progress. It starts with Naomi’s mother, Beverly, experiencing weight-loss surgery, which she expects will motivate her daughter, niece, and nephew to track in her footsteps. Despite seeing the complications involved in her mom’s recovery, Naomi is inspired by her dream to start a family. Drew, meanwhile, needs to realize how addictive his eating habits have become, and Chitoka — bed-bound for more than three years must take steps forward before qualifying for surgery.

Family By The Ton Where Are They Now?

Here is the detail about those who had been in the series and what are they doing now. The characters have gone through much more things both emotionally and physically. Let us see, what were they up to and how are they now. Follow the article to know the details that we have brought to you and keep visiting the pages for missing updates that we might update later once we get information from the authenticated sources.

1)  Naomi

It was agreed by the Anderson family that it was hard for them at first to cope with their addiction and to maintain a diet as a preparatory measure for the reduction of weight loss, but later, the treatment helped them in a much better way to deal with their anxiety. In the case of Naomi, it was surely hard for her at the beginning of the but managed to take up the weight loss surgery, and it was, even more, harder for her to cope as her boyfriend dumped her. But soon after the surgery, her boyfriend was actually trying to patch up with her, but it is said that the one who makes you feel bad when you try for your own betterment, doesn’t deserve to be in your life, and hence she moved on and currently dating someone who could actually love her for what she is. And most importantly, she leads a happier and healthier life.

2) Chitoka Light 

Chitoka Light wasn’t confident regarding emerging on the reality dramatization “Family by the Ton” and communicating her weight loss travel with the masses. At her gravest, Light weighed 700 pounds and had been tied to her bed for almost four years. But when she realized that she felt a “powerful transformation” was essential, she wondered if different people might aid from listening to her story. So she evolved into part of the TLC show, which premiered in January and followed Chitoka and her two cousins as they worked to shed some of their 2,000 combined pounds under the guidance of a doctor.

3) Drew 

Lovers of the Andersons who’ve been tracking Drew’s improvement since the previous year understand that he’s quickly become a health goal. He’s incredibly resilient, and when he slips,  he instantly gets his head around in the match. He focuses on self-discipline.” He says that ” One thing I learned from this situation, this whole journey, is that you will have ups and downs, and valleys and peaks,” he wisely said. “You will have times when you put in work, and you see what you get and if you don’t work, you’ll see it.”

Family By The Ton Episodes Of Season 1

Episode 1 The Family Journey Begins   
Episode 2 Stepping on the Scale
Episode 3 One Step at a Time
Episode 4 You Have to Fight for It
Episode 5 Time is of the Essence
Episode 6 The Big Reveal
Episode 7 Post-Op

Family By The Ton Where To Watch?

Cousins Naomi, Drew, and Chitoka almost weigh2,000 pounds collectively. Whereas with the support of Dr. Charles Procter Jr., the anguished cousins endeavor to overpower apprehensions and live more nourishing lives. This show had actually been an eye-opener for many and this has inspired many to overcome their anguishness. Here is the list of platfoirms, where you can watch this wonderful show without any hinderence. One cane watch this show on:

1) Fubo TV

2) Discovery +

3) Direct TV

4) TLC

5) Spectrum On Demand

6) Apple Itunes

7) Amazon

8) Vudu

Family By The Ton Where Are They Now – FAQs

Where is family by the ton from?

Georgia is only 20th in the country among states with the highest obesity rate, but a trio of morbidly obese metro Atlanta-based family members are featured in a new TLC show called “Family by the Ton,” an off-shoot of its popular show “My 600-lb Life.”

How are the family by the ton related?

The family members are reported to be cousins.

Is family by the ton on Discovery Plus?

Currently, you are able to watch “Family By the Ton” streaming on fuboTV, DIRECTV, Spectrum On-Demand, Discovery Plus, Discovery+ Amazon Channel or for free with ads on TLC.

How much did Drew weigh on a family by the ton?

Drew From ‘Family By the Ton’ Weighs Almost 700 Pounds — but He Was Once a High School Athlete.

Where is Amy from family by the ton?

Amy by the Ton is in Fairburn, Georgia.