Are Rae And Jake Still Together? Where Are Rae And Jake Now?

Are Rae And Jake Still Together: Rae and Jake met on the set of the show The Ultimatum they had great chemistry on the show and they made plans to travel together and people want to know Are Rae And Jake are Still Together. To know Are Rae And Jake Still Together and more about them, just keep reading.

Are Rae And Jake Still Together?

The Ultimatum is a social experiment show on Netflix. Rae Williams and Jake Cunningham are participants from season one of the show. Rae gave her partner an ultimatum and Jake was given an ultimatum by her partner. They had the best connection on the show and they spent three weeks together as trial husband and wife. When they came on the show, they were with their previous partners. 

Rae And Jake: The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On

Their relationships were at turning points when they appeared on the show. Jake was very clear that his partner, April was the one who had dragged him onto the show. Rae had come on the show in an attempt to decide whether her partner Zay was the one. Rae and Jake spent time in a trial marriage and of all the cast members, they had a great connection. Jake met Rae’s father on the show and Rae met Jake’s mother. They did eventually go back to their own partners and tried to make it work with them. 

Rae And Jake: Where Are They Now?

Rae and Zay split up for good during the Ultimatum of the show. However, at the time, Jake was still with April and trying to make it work. April also said there was a chance she could be pregnant. Jake said that if she had been pregnant, he would have taken “the father job” and “taken care of her and the baby.“ In the final episode, Jake said that he was not ready to marry April and they parted ways. Jake and Rae met again during the catch-up episode and they made plans to travel the world together. 

The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On

The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on is a reality TV show on Netflix hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. They introduce six couples who are on the verge of getting married but have put their relationship on hold. Each couple is faced with an ultimatum, by the end of the series the participants have to decide if they want to stay together or move on. Each couple is made of one person who is interested in getting married and one partner who is not. 

The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On Summary

Six couples are on the verge of getting married on the show. One spouse is ready to marry, but the other is unsure. They are given an ultimatum: either commit to marriage or move on in less than eight weeks. Meanwhile, each will choose a new potential spouse from one of the other couples, providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see two alternate futures. The synopsis of the show says, “Get hitched or call it quits? Couples put their love to the test — while shacking up with other potential matches — in a provocative reality series.”

Are Rae And Jake Still Together – FAQs

Are Jake and Rae still dating?

The cast revealed at the reunion which relationships lasted and which ended. Rae said she took a step back from moving forward with Jake Cunningham because she wasn’t over Zay.

Are ray and Jake from The Ultimatum still together?

Since The Ultimatum has finished, Jake and Rae are no longer together. Speaking at the show’s reunion, Jake said: “It’s been six months since the show ended, I’m still trying to figure this out. I’m trying to shut everybody out and find out what I want…”

Is Jake from Ultimatum with Rae?

To test if they were ready for marriage, the couple broke up and Rae dated another contestant, Jake Cunningham, who was in a relationship with April Marie. Jake and Rae decided to move in together for a three week “trial marriage” and during the season finale, they each broke up with their previous partners.

Who is April’s new boyfriend?

On Thursday, April revealed her beau, Cody Cooper, on Instagram. She uploaded a video of some of the romantic moments they’ve shared since they started dating. In one clip, they are dancing and in another they hold hands while he is driving.

Do Jake and April get together?

In the end, April and Jake didn’t wind up together — and April says she’s content with that outcome. “I think he’s thankful for it as well. Ultimately, I feel like both of us figured out our true selves. There’s things that we need that we just couldn’t provide each other.

Who is Jake with from the Ultimatum?

During the “dating” stage, when the couples spend a week getting to know the other Ultimatum cast members, Jake connects very quickly with Rae Williams and they decide to do the trial-marriage portion of the show together.

What happened to Jake from Ultimatum?

Following “The Ultimatum” and his split from April Melohn, Jake Cunningham started a new (though short-lived) relationship of his own. In the ninth episode of the show, fans watched Cunningham break the news to Melohn that he wasn’t ready to propose.