Are Ben And Mahogany Still Together? Where Are Ben And Mahogany Now?

Are Ben And Mahogany Still Together: Ben and Mahogany met online and have been speaking to each other, they have never met each other in person, the couple have been speaking for some time, people want to know Are Ben And Mahogany Still Together. To know more about them and Are Ben And Mahogany Still Together, just keep reading.

Ben And Mahogany 

Ben and Mahogany met on social media. Ben slid into Mahogany’s DMs when she sent him a friend request. He is 52 years old and she is only 24. The couple originally bonded over religious views and then had fallen in love. Ben felt like it was part of God’s plan. The couple had not spoken on live calls or video calls. His family thought that he was going through a midlife crisis. He had decided to spend his life with her after just three months of knowing her. 

Are Ben And Mahogany Still Together

The couple are still together as far as anyone knows. They are right now going through a rough patch though. Ben went to Peru to try and meet her. She did not come out to see him however as her father was not comfortable with him. She did not come out to see him at the airport or come to see him for lunch. After that Mahogany asked why his previous relationships had failed. Mahogany asked if Ben had ever dated a 20-year-old before her. Ben said he had. 

Ben Rathbun 

Ben Rathburn was married to his wife for many years before he left her and his church. He was the pastor of the church but he decided that life was no longer for him. He said yes when Mahogany asked if he had dated another twenty year old. He said, “After my divorce, I dated someone who was 27 years old for three years and we were going to get married but when it came down to it, she did not accept my children.”

Mahogany Roca

Mahogany Roca is a young 24 year old from Peru. She met Ben Rathbun online but she has not met him in real life yet. When he said that he had split from his previous girlfriend after three years, she said, “It’s really strange because first, you told me that your first wife didn’t work because it was the religion’s fault. Now you tell me that you went out with a 27-year-old girl but she did not accept your children. So Benjamin is perfect and does absolutely nothing?” Ben said that he did not feel like he needed to defend himself as it was in his past. The couple are going through a rough patch right now. 

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