Amazon Quiz What is Watch List in X74K TV?Amazon Quiz Answer

What is watch list in X74K TV? Find out the answer for the Amazon Quiz Question What is watch list in X74K TV?

Amazon Quiz What is watch list in X74K TV?

Amazon Quiz answer for What is watch list in X74K TV? is updated here. Amazon quiz can be played by downloading the Amazon app. Win exciting prizes through Amazon Quiz.

Answer: Search & select on phone and watch it on TV.

How to Play Amazon Quiz?

Amazon Quiz contest can be played in the Amazon App only. Hence, every candidate who wants to participate in the quiz contest must download the Amazon app. The contest is available on Android or iOS.

  • Download the Amazon App 
  • Go to Google play store or Apple store and download Amazon App.
  • Open and Sign in to the Amazon App. 
  • Go to Amazon Home Page and Scroll Down to click “8 March 2021” Banner
  • Tap on it and start playing.

Amazon Quiz -FAQ

1. Where to play the quiz?

Ans. You can download the amazon app and participate in the contest.

2. At what time will the Contest begin today?

Ans. The contest will begin at 12:00 AM and ends on 11:59 PM today.