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A new challenge arises from the dead on Friday night Funkin – The Tricky Mod. This new opponent comes from Adobe Flash game, Madness Combat. Both the deceptive Friday night Funkin and Madness Combat are almost the same; a clown-like beast with blue skin and red hair. His alien appearance is enhanced by the absence of eyes, ears, and nose. All he has are big, protruding teeth. The mod provides an extra week called Clown with fast songs every time after each cycle.

What is a Friday night Funkin Clown Mod?

The rap battle continues on Friday night at Funkin ’- a music-themed game promoted by PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution. Tricky Mod is a Funkin Friday Night mode available as a bonus week. The game begins with an angry deception that comes from behind a rock. Quickly challenge the beatboxing game. To win, you must align each floating arrow to the best of your ability with your WASD keys or arrow.

The meter at the bottom of the screen will determine the outcome of each cycle. The meter will switch left or right. If you win, go left, and when you lose, go right. Depending on how well you are doing, the meter may also turn green. Red indicates defeat, while green indicates victory. You will play this game in 3 different modes: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

In this mod, simple mode is still very difficult; the music is fast and has a variety of intricate arrows. It will take a lot of focus to beat it. The mod has 3 rounds, which make up the full week of the game, but at the end of the third round, the game shows the message ‘To Be Continued’. There is no official explanation for this, but it is safe to say that many Madness Combat characters will appear in this mod.

It’s a hoax!

Avid Friday Night Funkin players should try The Tricky Mod. It’s really hard to finish (some might say harder than V.S. Whitty), but it’s also incredibly fun to check your accuracy and timing. It’s more straightforward than the first game with other FNF mods as it has no cutscenes. What’s worse about this is that the mode has no story and depth. While not as catchy as other mods, it focuses on the key: matching bits.


  • Easy to follow game mechanics
  • Few and easy to use controls
  • Upbeat music is fun to listen to


  • Limited to 1 playable character
  • Limited to 1 opponent
  • Suited for advanced or experienced rhythm gamers

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