The Interview for pc 2021 Free Download

Nail your conversation of awesome work

Interview is a free first-person video game where you have to successfully complete your conversation with a company you don’t know. Developed by Geoff Alday, this 3D indie horror game is a worrying twist to corporate life. It is a short game that can be completed in less than 30 minutes but the delivery of the bad air is done properly enough. It also has hilarious random parts that actually increase your wariness as you progress.

Certainly not a suspicious company

In The Interview, you play as a potential job applicant who comes to an interview at a strange company. How to complete an interview and the various challenges you face are different and often filled with silent jumpscares or negative office quotes enclosed on the walls. Your goal is to get the job you offer – however, you can also change your mind and turn it down in the end.

This game can be played with your keyboard and just your mouse. The W, A, S, and D keys will move and you must press Shift to activate. In the meantime, interacting with objects and selecting dialogue requires the left mouse button. To pause the game, simply press Escape. The gameplay is tax-free most of the time as you will be just exploring, doing puzzle solving, and answering questions.

However, while the game is tense enough even though its length is short, it sounds like very little is set to end. The game is very compatible with the different speech options to choose from. There is only one termination case, even if you reject the job, so there is no recurring value here. The tense and sad situation is great but we don’t have things sometimes and we can feel very short.

It needs more oomph

All in all, Interview is a great indie game if you are looking for something that mixes fear and dark humor at the same time. Although it does not completely scratch that horrible bite with a small number of jumpscares and scary situations, it does well enough for a short period of time and has the potential for development and expansion. However, if you are looking for a terrifying experience that is very impactful, this is not a recommendation.


  • Atmospheric horror
  • Easy controls
  • Bleak humor
  • Quiet jumpscares


  • No other ending scenario despite the option to choose it
  • Not much replayability

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