The Frontier for Windows 2021 Free Download

FNV fan-created free mode

Frontier is a version of the Fallout: New Vegas-sized game. Created by more than a dozen community members over a period of seven years, it is one of the biggest changes ever to Fallout: New Vegas.

It provides a unique experience for both young and old players by incorporating new gaming machines such as high-end battered cars, well-thought-out text and visual effects with high-quality voice effects, lots of side questions, and hundreds of skillful characters!

A new nuclear winter

Arranged on the cold, snowy streets of Portland Oregon, New California Exiles and Caesar’s Legion fight for a city rich with resources and military equipment. Frontier has three different search strings with more than 15 hours per game (with New California Public accessing over 35 hours).

The NCP line has a straightforward but busy news line. A heated debate adventure with an extended view of the Legion and Crusaders of Steel.

This includes many different content from sidebars, characters, and unmarked claims. Whether you are a driver or a walker, Frontier has things to do.

Its flexible driving system (made entirely without standard code integration) has made cars with a more responsive driving system. You will not be alone with new cars, your enemies will also have a new set of tools, weapons, and cars too!

There are plenty of weapons and armor around you to keep you safe, and there is plenty of time to plunder a new gear. Ballistic weapons come with a punchy effect, power weapons with a glow of delicate killing, and heavy attacks and fires come. With over 150 new weapons and state of the art effects and sounds, you are sure to surround the game’s hostility.

The great old revival

Fans of the fall series, especially the fall: Las Vegas, should download this program. With hundreds of new weapons, armor, and cars, you can change the course of the first game.

The creators set this up within hours of the game, so you should be able to use them all at the end of the game. What you should be aware of is that this is a fan-modified modification that could put you at risk for glitches, bugs, and security issues.

Fans’ fall: New Vegas mode

Frontier is the widest Fallout: New Vegas mode ever released. Twelve community members have been developing it for the past seven years. It is a full-size game mode for any franchise fan, introducing unique gaming consoles and a lot of new content to the existing story and video game that many players loved all those years ago.

A great project made by fans

Frontier puts you on cold, snowy roads in Portland. He is in the midst of the Legion of Caesar riots as he battles New California captives for equipment and resources. This mod has three different questlines, each with more than 15 hours of gameplay.

Everything, from game design to voice simulation and chat-heavy, demonstrates the creators ’commitment to developing this mod. Sounds like its own story, and it perfectly complements the first topic.

New gameplay and requirements

The three questions you have follow the NCR, the Legion, and the Crusaders of Steel. You will also find many old questions in the middle of these important issues, which show the extraordinary level of earth-building.

In addition to the new gameplay options, you can enjoy upgraded equipment. Most notable is the modular driving system, complete with brand new cars This adds new features. You will also find additional weapons and armor to keep you safe and help you fight a host of enemies that you will enjoy.

A well-developed place

The game is an open world, inspired by real-Portland with its symbols and locations. However, the air remains cooler, with the ruins of a large city covered with snow, rain, or rain.

The Frontier sound design is stunning, enhancing the impressive sight. The mod includes over twenty-four thousand dialog lines. This emphasizes the importance of the story in every quest. The modern sound effects make each fight sound different from the adrenaline rush, which adds to the amazing beauty of this project.

Our take

While any model made by fans, especially one with a big desire like this, is in danger of being attacked, Frontier is smooth and well-designed. All of the additions fit well into the main story, giving a general feel, but a novel experience.

Should you download it?

Yes. If you enjoyed New Vegas or Fallout 4, you will love The Frontier. It opens up a whole new world of gameplay and opportunities to narrate newcomers and returning fans alike.


  • Mod for Fallout: Las Vegas
  • Over 15 hours of gameplay
  • 150 new weapons and vehicles


  • Vulnerable to glitches, bugs, and security issues

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