Rocket Boys 2022

The story features the true-life events of the life of the two incredible Indian scientists, Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai. It showcases the way these two managed to take the country to the next level! Rocket Boys features the achievements of these great scientists in India’s nuclear energy and space programs.

The plot is set during the period of 1938 and 1964 and also features the life of our beloved President APJ Abdul Kalam. The story infuses some sense of patriotism in each one of us and works as a reminder of the hard times that people faced in the nation which was not independent and highlights the struggle and hard work that these men put through in order to make it one!


The story of two extraordinary men, Dr. Homi Jehangir Bhabha and Dr. Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai, who created history while building India’s future.