Madras High Court Mental Ability Questions & Answers

8. Directions: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given beside.

A shopkeeper placed alcohol bottles of different alcohol brands on his counter such that in one row only one brand is placed. The number of bottles of each brand is different.
Further information is given below.

The shopkeeper has not more than 7 bottles of any brand in his showroom.
The bottles of Royal Stag are three more than that of Blenders Pride, which is 2 more than that of Imperial Blue.
The total number of bottles of Imperial Blue is an odd number less than 4.
The total number of bottles of Mcdowells was 1 less than that of Royal Stag.
Mcdowells bottles were odd in number.
The bottles of Bacardi were not more than that of Officers choice, the number of which was not even.

Q. How many bottles of Officers Choice are placed at the counter?