NVIDIA PhysX for PC 2021 Free Download

Open source physics engine with NVIDIA

NVIDIA PhysX is an open source physics engine developed by NVIDIA. This software development kit (SDK) is part of the GameWorks game development company.

Provided game developers a set of tools that offer various enhancements for NVIDIA GPUs previously. For gamers, this app ensures that their compatible graphics cards are kept up to date and they will be able to make games that incorporate PhysX content well.

What is PhysX?

NVIDIA PhysX is a multi-threaded physics simulation SDK for building computer graphics for video games and various other applications. This 3D engine has been particularly useful in simulating physics, particle effects, destruction, and liquid power in modern video games and other applications.

For game developers, these tools provide a time-saving way for them to build their engine using what is already readily available.

PhysX has been used in various game engines, including Unreal Engine and Unity. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that it was produced in some of AAA’s most popular games, such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Batman: Arkham Knight, and Warframe.

NVIDIA has used PhysX in its graphics cards since the release of its 9 GPUs, based on the Tesla architecture, all the way to its 20 cards, based on the Pascal design.

NVIDIA as a whole has already moved on to new and improved technology for its future GPUs. However, PhysX is still widely used in the development of the great game even today. And, being an open source, is still one of the preferred technologies that is still actively developing, so this reinforces their value. You will still need the engine and the technology that provides you so that you can play your favorite games.

Oldie but goodie

If you are part of Team Green and use any of the company’s 20 old GPUs, NVIDIA PhysX will still be an integral part of your gaming experience. While it will be slightly tied to your GPU as time goes on, your CPU will still need to process this type of content properly. If you plan to play old AAA games, this should be downloaded and installed on your gaming PC.


  • Supports a wide range of NVIDIA GPUs
  • Implemented in many popular AAA games today
  • Free and open-source


  • Still an old technology despite being in active development
  • Support extends only up to 20-series NVIDIA GPUs

NVIDIA PhysX technology helps games play better and make them feel better by making connections with characters and characters more real than ever. By making the behavior more realistic, the graphics look and feel “better”.

Early in 3D Gaming, characters and the world were built primarily from boxes with symbols on them. With the advent of technology, the boxes have become many polygons with geometric details, and the decisions have been made to darken and light up.

However, most people still see the “incomprehensible divide” between the arena and the reality that precludes the proper setting of beliefs and immersion in the game world.

Prior to PhysX, game designers had to “pay attention” to how an object behaves in response to an event. For example, they drew a series of diagrams showing how a soccer player fell to the ground after a fall.

The downside to this is that the gamer always sees the same “canned” pictures. With PhysX, games can now accurately calculate physical activity in real time! This means that the footballer will now bend and twist in all sorts of different ways depending on the specific circumstances associated with the confrontation – thus creating a unique viewing experience at all times.

App technology is widely accepted by more than 150 games and is used by more than 10,000 engineers. With Hardware accelerated physics, the worlds of the world’s leading game developers are alive: walls can be torn down, trees bent and broken in the air, water and smoke flows and mix with body and energy, instead of being cut off by neighboring objects.

How does this work:

NVIDIA PhysX is specifically designed for hardware acceleration by hundreds of powerful cores processors. Thanks to these design options, NVIDIA GeForce GPUs provide an astonishing increase in physics processing capabilities and take games to a new level that brings rich, immersive physical environments with features such as:

  • Explosions that create dust and debris
  • Characters with intricate geometry, interconnected, multiple movements such as life and communication
  • Attractive new weapons with amazing results
  • Fabric that pulls and tears naturally
  • Thick smoke and mist surround moving objects

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