Will Sam Raimi Make The Movie Scarier? – ekdumzakaas

Kevin Feige recently teased the future of the Scarlet Witch after Doctor Strange 2. However, the boss of the Maison des Idées is not the only one to indulge in some confessions, as the screenwriter of the blockbuster directed by Sam raimi admitted that the film would be particularly scary. In an interview for the podcast friends from work, Michael Waldron was asked what the blending of universes might look like in the film, especially when it comes to the horror scenes. “In this case, the Covid gave me and Sam more time to do our own thing… It’s cool, I’m glad we got the chance to go in a slightly more spooky direction. Sam is doing so well” said the screenwriter in particular.

While Michael Waldron praised the filmmaker’s work on the previous episode for its horrendous focus on the Sorcerer Supreme’s universe, it seems that Sam Raimi has pushed the boundaries with this second chapter. What let’s think the original director’s departure could finally be due to something else. Because if this confession were to entice many fans of the MCU, it still seems surprising given that Scott Derrickson’s departure would have been favored by a creative dispute over the horror scenes of Doctor Strange 2. It remains to be seen what these behind-the-scenes changes will bring to the superhero adventures played by Benedict Cumberbatch. Answer March 23, 2022 in theaters!

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