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Created by Matthew Arlidge and Chris Lang for television network ITV, ‘Innocent’ is a slow-burning 4-part anthology mystery TV series. Each season brings a new story to the board. The first season is a whodunit story that revolves around the life of David Collins, who is wrongly convicted of the mysterious murder of his wife Tara. After getting out of prison, David embarks on a journey to find his wife’s real killer.

The second season takes the audience to the Lake District, the home of the romantic poets, whose idyllic tranquility is shattered by the murder of a teenager named Matthew Taylor. The alleged killer is found not guilty and acquitted of his charges after a few years. With a brilliant cast ensemble and recorded in meditative serenity, ‘Innocent’ is well worth checking out. If you’re curious about the filming locations of the series, let us be your guide.

Innocent Filming Locations

‘Innocent’ was filmed in various locations in England and Ireland. Production for the second season was scheduled for March 2020, but after a delay caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the crew began filming in September 2020. While the first season is set in the quiet coastal town of Hailsham, the second season plunges viewers into the serene beauty of the Lake District. Without further ado, let’s reveal the specific locations where the show was filmed!

Hampshire, England

Some pivotal scenes from the first season were filmed in Hampshire, the coastal county in the south east of England. The crew filmed at Inn on the Beach, a beautiful seaside pub located at 97 Sea Front on Hayling Island in the Havant neighborhood. Visiting the place allows you to enjoy the beauty of the vast coastline while sipping the drink of your choice.

Where is ITV’s Innocent filmed?  Movie locations for TV shows

In addition, the crew filmed in South Downs, a series of limestone hills stretching across the south-east coast of England. Some aerial shots were taken to show the breathtaking beauty of the location. In addition, some interior scenes were shot somewhere in South Downs, including the one in Phil’s house.

Chichester, England

The crew also went to a location near Chichester, the county town of West Sussex, to film a few scenes for the first season. The wharf shown in the series is actually Bosham Quay, a harbor in the quiet village of Bosham in the Chichester borough.

Cumbria, England

A few key scenes from the second season were filmed in Cumbria, the ceremonial county in the north west of England. The season’s story is set in the idyllic Lake District and the crew chose to film most of the outdoor scenes on location in and around the scenic region. The production team filmed the outdoor scenes of the second season, mainly in and around the market town of Keswick in Cumbria, England.

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The sleepy town provided the crew with an atmospheric setting that was ideal for the story. Some scenes were filmed at Keswick Rugby Club, a local club overlooking the Skiddaw Mountains. The club is located on Davidson Park, Crow Park Road, on the outskirts of town. Some scenes were filmed by Crummock Water, a lake between Loweswater and Buttermere.

In addition, some sequences were captured from another Lake District lake, Derwentwater, south of Keswick. Finally, the crew filmed a few sequences at the historic site of Carlisle Citadel, a Grade I listed building on English Street in Carlisle, Cumbria’s county town.

Dublin, Ireland

Although the entire show is set in England, the crew repeatedly visits Ireland’s capital for ease of filming and tax benefits. Most of the show’s internal sequences were filmed in neighboring England. The second season’s police interrogation sequences were filmed in the Park House office building at the Dublin Institute of Technology, an educational institution on North Circular Road in Cabra East, just outside the city.

Both the interior and exterior sequences of the police station were filmed at the location. In the second season, the crew visited Malahide, an affluent coastal town in Fingal, County Dublin. The community is located about 16 kilometers north of the capital.