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What’s the next big thing coming on Amazon Prime? It is the movie Chakra of Southern superstar Vishal. The hype for the film’s OTT release has reached new heights among fans. The public has stormed the social media to know about Chakra’s OTT release date, and here’s a hot update.

Chakra is one of the highly anticipated Indian action thriller movies. With superstar Vishal, the film made a grand appearance in cinemas on February 19, 2021. It garnered an incredible box office collection and excellent reviews.

It was rumored that Chakra was originally going to be released directly on the OTT platform. But the makers opt for the theatrical release. However, the fans were looking forward to the OTT release of the film. Here are all updates on Chakra’s OTT release.

Chakra OTT release date: when will the movie be on Amazon Prime?

Chakra OTT Release Date

Right from the teaser launch of the highly anticipated Southern movie, Chakra, there have been a lot of rumors floating around the web about its direct OTT release. But eventually the film was released in cinemas. Following the latest trend of OTT releases, the makers of Chakra are also planning to mark the debut of the film on Amazon Prime.

If you are looking for Chakra OTT release date, here is the latest news for you. Streaming giant Amazon Prime Videos has bagged the digital rights to Vishal’s Chakra and the film is set to hit OTT.

While it’s been months since the theatrical release that the makers haven’t survived any updates, we can expect an official announcement soon. So make sure to stay tuned as we will update you directly from the officials with fresh news.