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These foreign OTTs are also a mystery. You will be able to promote a series like ‘Strange Tales’ somewhere. But when a powerful and astonishing movie, ‘The Dispel’ is released, their entire PR machinery is not breathing. Not only this, you log into Netflix. You will not see this film on the homepage. Even on the Marathi cinema category homepage, it is not visible. The reason is that only those who watch Indian originals on Netflix should know, but Netflix needs to get out of this picture. In time he will be assisted by directors like Chaitanya Tamhane, only companies of producers like Karan Johar can stop ‘Searching for Sheela’.

For his second film, The Decal, Chaitanya Tamhane has chosen a story that looks like a story in Hindi commercial cinema. Salman Khan and Vikram Gokhale begin to remember the first scene of the movie. But neither is that splendor here, nor is it colorful, nor is it a mockery of faces that Salman or Vikram would have had to wear to play a singer. There are many artists here. Both singers from the heart. Singing is his basic identity. He acts here in Ifrat. Every voice that is heard seems to come from the vibrations of their lips and lips.

The movie ‘The Disappeal’ is a Marathi movie. The country has played a major role abroad. After the recording of all Inam Ikram, the release is directly on OTT. At the most expensive OTT in the country. However, the marketing and promotion of the film was very cheap. Yet there is life in the film. And vibrant movies don’t wait for marketing. She draws fruitfulness from publicity. The story of the movie ‘The Disciple’ is also similar. Just as a voice of the film’s hero passing through a Mumbai viaduct explains the true heart of music, so does the film convey the life of the audience. Sharad, who works by converting old tapes into CDs, tells ‘My’ voice what music is. Why people who want money, family and fame should only sing bhaav songs and movie songs and why they should give up everything to follow the path of classical music. Because this music is cultivation. To let that one even have 10 births is wasted.

The movie ‘The Disciple’ has not received any support from Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, not even Ranveer Singh who is looking for rappers across the country. But this film is your support. After 10 minutes, the film grabs the viewer. The ragas, bandhanis and khyal are all magical. Realize another world. In his previous film ‘Court’, Chaitanya made Veera Sathidar a star. It’s rare to see a folk artist in a movie and have him do such work. But Chaitanya did the same in the movie ‘The Dispel’. Both of his leading performers are classical singers. The victory of casting is the victory of Chaitanya’s cinema. Partner is no longer with us. Sumitra Bhave, who became the voice of ‘Mai’ in the film, has also left the world.

When the intent is clear, everything else comes naturally, this lesson was taught to Chaitanya by Oscar-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron, the pioneer of his film. The two met four to five years ago at the Rolex Mentor and Protegee Arts Initiative. It was he who led Chaitanya to the film’s cinematographer Michael Sobosinski. Michael has kept the whole look of the movie ‘The Disciple’ exactly the same as the atmosphere of Mumbai that you have to forget yourself to go through. Two streams of music flow in Mumbai. One whose path leads to big shows and concerts. And the other way isn’t really the way. Nobody has to go anywhere. Every singer or player should find themselves there. Hence, it is no surprise to see the name of Anish Pradhan as the composer of the film. Yes, if filmmakers like Chaitanya Tamhane couldn’t reach them, it would certainly be a surprise. Will definitely watch the movie!

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Movie Review: The Disciple
Artists: Aditya Modak, Arun Dravid, Deepika Bhide Bhagwat, Kiran Yajnopaveet and Sumitra Bhave.
Writer, Director: Chaitanya Tamhane
Music: Aneesh Pradhan
OTT: Netflix