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When AR Rahman was making ‘Patakha Guddi’, the story of the movie ’99 Songs’ also played through his mind. He liked Alia Bhatt’s innocence. Like Aaliya, the innocent heroine Idilsey Vargas has brought a quest from the Dominican Republic. Hero Ihan Bhat also managed to find one in lakhs. Both are great artists. The confluence of time and money that Rahman has poured into the skill of both can be seen here in the movie ’99 Songs’. The Hindi lyrics of the songs from the film may give you a sense of Rahman’s first film, Roja. But Rahman is not only here as a musician, he is also the producer of the film. As a producer, he gets full songs in the movie ’99 Songs’.

Rahman is a magic of the past century. The magic that only happens once in a while in music. He heard neither Madan Mohan nor SD Burman in his early days. All the musicians of the south have plundered the palms picking up the tunes of Hindi movies. But Rahman remained original. The waves of world music are clearly visible in his music. In the music that the movie ’99 Songs’ considers the biggest addicts. The story of the film is written by Rahman himself. This story of poor hero, rich heroine and the heroine father of heroine in between, seems to be seen. Where does Rahman actually watch Hindi movies? The specialty of the movie ’99 Songs’ is that the script runs on an oblique line instead of a simple one. This scenario, which flows back and forth in time, keeps the audience tied to the end.

If the ’99 Songs’ movie impresses with anything, it’s the making of it. Rehman wasted money making a movie. Every scene is panoramic. Each shot is designed as if it were a painting painted on a canvas. Initially, only the YM Movies logo tells what the effect of making it will be. Director Vishvesh Krishnamurthy is joined by two talented cinematographers Tanay Satam and James Cowley, who let their imaginations run wild here. Both have brought the soul of the film to life on screen. The skill of the film’s technical team makes it a big screen movie. The film’s production designer, Aparna Raina, also deserves praise. The film’s dialogues are certainly not interesting for the Hindi belt. Rather than Hussain Dalal, this work should have been done by someone who has an innate understanding of the sense of relationships.

Rahman made this movie to say something, and you will only understand this if you watch this movie relaxed. There are more than a dozen songs in the film, but as they are part of the story’s development, their intoxication slowly starts to ramp up. The hero who plays the piano at his soon-to-be father-in-law’s party and the heroine who paints those tunes in the air..!! This is the most valuable scene in the movie. Then the hero also faces a challenge. The challenge is to make 100 songs. And the movie asks if just one song can change a life. Well, the truth of 99 has been going on since the Dwapar era.

Rahman has spared the cinema two new stars from the film. Both Ihan and Idilsey are performers of the tall breed. Also the faces of the two fit according to international cinema. Every act of acting both faithfully plays on screen. Adilissi is very seductive in Sophia’s character. And Rahman introduced Jai to the whole ‘Rockstar’ flavor. Imtiaz Ali has also been associated with the film. He should have told Rahman not to be so besieged in the matter of the story and to work on some shitty story. The Canadian major is also associated with the film.

The music of the movie is great. Hindi lyrics of songs are stuck somewhere. Shashwat Singh’s charisma is in full swing in this film. Do you remember the song that was sung in his movie ‘Sanju’? ‘Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby…’. Here his tone has gone beyond that. The movie ’99 Songs’ is the cinema of Eshta. But, saw something seen before.

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Movie review: 99 songs
Story, Producer and Composer: AR Rahman
Screenplay, Director: Vishwesh Krishnamurthy
Artists: Ihan Bhat, Idilsey Vargas, Ranjit Barot, Tenzin Dalha, Rahul Ram, Lisa Ray and Manisha Koirala