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Skater Girl is an upcoming Netflix movie directed, produced and written by Manjari Makinjany. The story of this movie is based on the coming-of-age story of an Indian girl named Prerna. Skater Girl launches on OTT Netflix platform Here Skater Girl 2021 movie how to watch Skater Girl movie and where to watch Skater Girl movie.

The film’s premise follows a poor town girl who takes an interest in skateboarding after a woman who comes to town introduces the kids to skateboarding.

The film also focuses on Prerna’s struggle against her own father, who believes skateboarding is not for girls; it’s for the boys.

Skater Girl Movie Cast

This movie features Saanchita Gupta as Prerna, Amy Maghera as Jessica, Anurag Arora as Mahesh, Waheeda Rehman as Maharani, Kamlesh Gill as Dadi, Jonathan Readwin as Erick, Sahidur Rahaman as Police Officer, Janthavy Norton as Self-skater and more.

How To Watch Skater Girl Movie

Watch Skater Girl movie, you can watch Skater Girl on Netflix. Skater Girl is coming to Netflix worldwide on June 11, 2021. To watch the Skater Girl movie, you first need to get a Netflix subscription which starts with the cheapest plan of Rs 199/month in India. You can also opt for more subscriptions. Netflix streams a wide variety of popular movie collections every day. You can watch your favorite movies and series in the Netflix application at any time by enabling a subscription.

How To Download Skater Girl Movie

Skater Girl Movie Download Netflix also allows users to download the movie to watch offline. If you want to download this movie to watch it offline.

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