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Kira Sedgwick Will Direct The New Movie nieuwe Space weirdness. It marks the indicator performance after the Emmy-winning artist’s sophomore feature A girl’s story Being nominated for the Director Guild of America Awards, Sedgwick received high praise for his subsequent success. Since then he directs as a TV show Grace and Frankie, Ray Donvan, And Brooklyn Nine Nine, which he also played in.

Deadline Confirmed Sedgwick Will Succeed Space weirdnessRebecca Banner is a 2017 blacklisted screenplay. Kyle Allen (West Side Story), Alexandra’s Ship (Tap, tap… boom!), and Madeline Brouwer (Hostlers) Signed to star in Romantic Shake. The film, which went into production in Rhode Island this month, has a major conflict:

“Space Audacity tells the story of Alex (Allen), who, after leaving Earth and deciding to leave everything behind for a one-way mission to Mars, developed an unexpected romance with magical newcomer Daisy (Ship), the star of the stars. . uncertain journey and heart. He forces him to choose between more precarious journeys.

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Sedgwick is doing double duty and making the film with his partner Valerie Stadler under their banner Big Swing Productions. Jack Greenbaum and Richard Arluck of the Arluk Group and the unique ‘Mickey Schiff’ production circuit around it. Executive producers include Bob Shaye, Ibrahim Alhusini, JL Pomeroy, Ann Clements and Brent Emery of Rezonet Entertainment, Susan Kurtzonis and Susan Farwell.

Space weirdness There seems to be a similarity with Big Swing’s mission to tell stories with heart and soul. This is the first feature film from Sedgwick’s production company, which he and his associates founded in 2018, although he worked as a producer long before that. Among his talents, power house producers and the shiny ena they collected, Space weirdness Of course there is a possibility to get out of this world. One question: will they use David Boy’s songs in the trailer?