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Sebastian Stan says he would love to republish his MCU role in the role of the rest of Burns. WakandaBased movies or series. Stan has appeared in MCU as half of the pair of stars Falcon and winter soldierTogether with Anthony Mackie. His role in the franchise’s future isn’t quite clear yet, but there are several upcoming MCU projects that could bring the rest back.

Because of his events Captain America: Civil War, black leopard And Avengers: Eternal WarWhat the rest develop seems to be a strong bond with Wakanda and its people. He contributed to the agriculture of the region and lived peacefully in the suburbs, defending the city after Thanos’ invasion. Within Falcon and winter soldierIt has been revealed that Okay helped break the rest of the code words that HIDRA used to control him and eventually freed him.

Because of the rest’s extensive history with Wakanda at MSU, it would be understandable for him to make a cameo in future movies and shows shown there. And according to Stan, there is a good chance that it will happen. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Stan discusses the evolution of the rest of the character and what could happen to him. When asked how he would like to go back in time to the Wakanda story, Stan’s answer was simple: “Absolutely.” Read his full quote below.

Absolutely. I mean, like you’re thinking about it now with the whole Chadwick [Boseman] Things are just so crazy. With him I was always very interested because we felt like we had the Civil War movie and he came and he was new and it was like we were introducing his character. And I thought, ‘Oh my god, this man is going to blow everyone away.’ You know what I mean? There was such dedication and dedication to everything he did. It was just so crazy. And we had a lot of continuity in the fight and I think I was afraid to go to this scene with him. And we went for it. We really went for it. Because I said, ‘Okay, he really shows up. I stand upright. I have to show. “And then we do these little fist bumps, like ‘cool, we’re good. ‘

When we shot, I spent some time, some time, when we teased each other on this press tour and we laughed, it was really great. And I was right, in my head I always hoped there would be more. So it’s just crazy to keep my mind on the idea of ​​being in a world without it. I can’t quite picture it in my head. But of course, I’ve always felt that in my little scene at the end of Black Panther, I always felt like, ‘Ah, I’m part of the war. I’m part of that movie. ‘I felt very good – small scene.

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As Stan put it, it’s hard to imagine Wakanda’s future without Bosman’s path. While it won’t be anywhere near without him, there’s still plenty of great character to take to the next one black leopard Live episode. Its official subtitle Black Panther 2 Is Wakanda foreverA name that seems to pay tribute to the late stars series and embrace all the other parts of Wakander that made it so strong.

Will the rest be part of the next chapter? So far it is unclear. Ryan Googler Wakanda TV series may be a different place for this kind of camera, but the fact that project details are developed at the same time when both the movie and the show have very little detail opens up great opportunities for bigger plot arcs, with more side characters than the rest. Of course, Wakander’s story isn’t an event that begins with the rest of the story, so he could have more easily appeared in another MCU project instead. anyway, Black Panther 2 And Wakanda The series could be one of the best additions to MSU.

Source: Vanity Fair

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