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Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne Car Has Been Unveiled The flash Film set photos. The actor takes revenge for the role he originally played in the ’89 Batman And the sequel, 1992 Batman returns, for the upcoming DC Extended Universe movie. Keaton’s Return as Batman The flash The film was first released last year and although the actor expressed doubts about appearing in the film, it was eventually confirmed that he would be returning his Bruce Owen to DSEU. At the time of the initial report, it was not clear whether Keaton would reprise his role as Batman, or whether he would simply return to the role of Bruce Wayne. However, a costume teasing actress posted by director Andy Mashity has necessarily confirmed she will be suing again.

From The flash Filming for the movie has begun, with a few personal sneak peeks from Sesha, including the first look at Sasha Call’s supergirl costume, as well as the return of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash and Kaisari Clemens as Irie West. In addition to new and returning DCEU stars, Keaton’s Bruce Wayne was also spotted The flash Movie set, though he wasn’t in the iconic Batman suit. Now new Flash Film set photos reveal another aspect of Keaton’s character’s return.

On Twitter, the user Huge desert Post pictures of The flash A Bruce Wayne car movie. The car is a Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet concept and is thus not available to the public. Check out the photos in the tweet below.

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While the car is not a batmobile, it is certainly the exclusive, luxury vehicle that Bruce Wayne can see driving. It’s not clear how much the car will be featured in the film and it may only appear for a small scene. This is exactly where the photos were taken nearby The flash The scene was filmed with Miller, Clemens, Call and Keaton, but is still in production. This could result in more opportunities to showcase not only this particular car, but other aspects of Keaton’s character as well.

Probably the most anticipated look is Keaton returning to the outfit as Batman, but the second is that he may have no idea if he’ll be piloting his Batmobile again. Until then, post pictures of The flash Keaton only showed off Bruce Wayne’s outfit, not as his superhero modified ego, so it remains unclear if his batmobile will return. As the details of the story are finalized, it’s not confirmed how Keaton’s Batman Miller will fit into the plot without teaming up with Flash, but fans will certainly appreciate it when the actors get behind the wheel of the Batmobile again. If not, here’s a new product just for you! The flash movie set.

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