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Story: Prakashante Metro is directed by Haseena Suneer, a housewife turned filmmaker, and is mainly based on a true incident.

Review: The debut director mainly based the story on an incident told to her by a lady in a casual meeting. Written by Mithran, the film takes artistic liberties over the story and offers quite a few cinematic components, but ends up being a melee of mediocrity.

Prakashan is an amoral thug turned auto rickshaw, riding an auto rickshaw he fondly calls Metro. With no family or friends, Prakashan undergoes a change of heart when he decides to help a troubled younger girl discover a man she’s been trying to find here.

Dinesh Prabhakar is no stranger to cinema. Seeing him in the khaki uniform of a sensible auto rickshaw driver seems too familiar to viewers, due to the many similar characters he has played before. But Prakashante Metro is undoubtedly special, as he plays the protagonist of a cinema for the first time in his longstanding profession of more than a decade. And within the confines of a sloppy script, Dinesh Prabhakar never disappoints. The character appears with great ease as second pores and skin for him and Prakashan’s personal. Although technically mediocre, the cameraman does his best with some striking and revolutionary frames, also for the feeling of travel. In Prakashante Metro we discover a story with a heart, but the soul is misplaced in the translation.

The film fails to establish feelings and sentiments, which can only be attributed to beginning filmmaking. Performers such as Saju Navodaya, identified more highly by his stage title Pashanam Shaji, contribute to the Priyadarshan model of “chaotic comedy”. But the outrageous antics only steal from the appeal such comedy can deliver. Anagha Janaki, the main woman, is the quintessential damsel in misery. She’s reduced to just crying and crying and then some extra crying, making it a miracle if there was ever a body in the place where she aroused another emotion!

Prakashante Metro is the story of an incident, or collection of incidents, that convey a change of heart in the protagonist. However, the film lacks the soul of the sentiment. It turns out to be a soggy chunk of comedy that hardly encourages amusement.

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