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My Story Story: Jay (Prithviraj) is an aspiring actor. When an honest and gifted Thara (Parvathy), an ancient heroine, falls in love with him, he is pressured to make a difficult choice.

My Story Review: Chic cars, stunning visuals, an outstanding longing couple galloping through quaint towns, and a story as old as the cinema itself; that’s Roshni Dinaker’s My Story in a nutshell. The film was much anticipated for a purpose, it sees Prithviraj and Parvathy as an on-screen couple after Ennu Ninte Moideen. Both actors look good in the movie, but at the end of it all, you wonder why they were in it, their elements could have been finished by an honest face and hunk, with minimal performance abilities.

Prithviraj is Jay, an aspiring actor, who finds his long-awaited huge break in a movie starring Thara, an old diva. But Thara won’t really be in the movie, or her profession, or even her life, because she’s engaged to a rich man she hates. She develops a fondness for Jay, who fills her life with hope, and the two embark on a journey together.

What can be mentioned as distinctive in the film is that it shows a girl falling in love with a person, as an alternative to the opposite way as in the standard case, but that’s where the freshness ends. Sometimes it feels as if the filmmaker merges with every cinematic cliché the world knows: the poor little rich lady who is bored by her domineering and rich fiancée in a swimsuit, the orphaned young man who is poor but pleasant, her money-conscious father and extra, all of them against the background of a film recording, as an alternative to a ship, as in the Titanic. The dramatic dialogues and circumstances are in stark contrast to the brand new wave of Malayalam cinema, where all things are delicate and as current as it gets.

Most of the film is finished in Lisbon, Portugal, and Shaan Rahman’s colorful images of the place and upbeat music can be considered the only saving components. There are moments of subtlety, especially when the couple talks about how life has treated them, and some instances of genuine humor, but these mostly drown in chaos. Parvathy because the pointed but repressed diva looks extra like a dream lady, while Prithviraj in his mature avatar seems extra comfortable than a shy novice. Moreover, the film does not see Parvathy before avatar, which attracts a bit of attention. Ganesh Venkitaraman, because the betrothed does his half right, so does the rest of the characters, who are just a few of them.

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My story is by no means a catastrophe, but not the most effective of both Prithviraj and Parvathy.

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