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Story: After 14 years, a group of fellow students and their households come together at a resort. Past relationships and one-sided pursuits end in nostalgic conversations at social gatherings, hurting current companions. The film explores the true emotional needs of individuals and what it takes to find them.

Review: ‘Happily married’ is an oxymoron, you sometimes hear it said who has stepped over the edge of the sacred marriage. Clinging to memories of former companions, losing interest from 1 partner enough to nag them, the urge to discover new pastures in relationships and the way it usually ends… Lukka Chuppi (hide and seek) tries to hide all of this. discover through nostalgic conversations and images of knowledge that are sometimes thrown in.

Fourteen years after school, a bunch of friends get together to relive and let go of their previous one. As the boys and their female classmates rewind memories and romantic goals that didn’t come true, the ladies keep feeling unnoticed and increasingly uncomfortable. Both events question the meaning of their relationships and wonder why over the years they have become the people they are today.

Given the nature of the subject and the therapy, the danger of getting right into a serious zone looms, giant, but because of the nostalgic conversations and Joju’s antics, the pre-interval session is quite enjoyable. Conversations turn into entertaining epigrams, though the story is wafer thin. The one-lines connect directly with the viewers, making them draw parallels with their own lives. When Joju’s character says, “There should be a legal provision that lets your wife marry as a sister for five years so you can marry her off to someone else,” the applause that is evoked is one such occasion.

The parts after the break get dramatic, with some episodes seeming to be long. Much of the film itself has nothing new to offer about gender politics in marriages. The ‘save-the-shaadi’ options provided by a friend who has only been watching for a few hours and his sudden optimistic impression also seems clichéd. Much like the title, there is occasional enjoyable in Lukka Chuppi and can entertain if your expectations aren’t over the top.

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