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Twenty years after making its maiden voyage on JRR Tolkien’s land, the New Line returns to the world. Lord of the Rings.

Warner Bros. Film category, which won an Oscar Ring Trilogy and later adapted hobbit, has partnered with Warner Bros. Animation to create an original anime set in Tolkien’s Fantasy World, the agency announced Thursday.

in the title Lord of the Rings: Battle of Rohirim, The only feature film will be directed by veteran Kenji Kamiyama in a most recently directed anime Couples: single complex TV series, and produced by Joseph Chow. The two have worked in several of the biggest anime franchises over the years Nights of the Zodiac: St. Seia, Ultraman, Applesid, above Ghosts in the bowl.

By Rohrim, Jeffrey Addis and Will Mathews, the creators behind Emmy-winning Netflix Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Series

Philip Bynes, co-author of Ring And the hobbit Win Oscars with filmmakers Peter Jackson and Frank Walsh Lord of the Rings: King of Returns, Working as a project consultant.

Not involved with Jackson Rohirim Blessed to make it according to the interior. Sola Entertainment is talking about voice casting and the project is progressing fast with animation. The film is planned to be released in theaters.

Rohirim Related to the original trilogy, especially the second part, Two towersThe film’s epic battle centers on an unaltered story behind Helm’s lamp, the center of the battle. The story is set hundreds of years before that unfortunate battle and, according to the proclamation, speaks of the life and bloody times of Helm Hammerhand, King of Rohan.

“At New Line, we all have a deep affection for the extraordinary world of JRR Tolkien, so the opportunity to return to the Middle Ages with the Warner Bros. team has become a reality,” Warner Bros. teased. Pictures the group. COO Caroline Blackwood and New Line President and CCO, Richard Brenner, said in a statement. “Fans know Helm’s Lamp as the film’s biggest battleground and with so many creative visionaries and brilliant Kenji Kamiyama in fame, we couldn’t be more excited to reinvigorate Will’s history and invite you to enjoy the way “”

early Ring The trilogy has grossed ৯2.9 billion since its initial release and has won 11 of the top 13 Oscars. Its success continued to dominate many DVD/Blu-ray releases, pop culture, and was embedded in one of them. Ring Tourism trade in New Zealand where movies were made.

Amazon Studios paid $250 million for the screen rights Ring And the series plans to spend a billion dollars on the franchise. However, Amazon has no real rights Ring The story and the multiple series are set in different eras of the world known as Middle Earth.