Lily Collins, who starred in the Poly Pocket Movie, will direct Lena Dunham – ekdumzakaas

Lily Collins takes shape in real life poly bag For a live-action film based on the 90s toys with director ‘Favorite with Lena Dunham’. The film is based on a young girl who befriends a pocket-sized woman and the couple embark on a sporting adventure. The film is one of several upcoming Mattel projects based on a throwback toy.

Mattel will partner with MGM and Dunham’s Good Thing Going for the film. The company first introduced poly pocket dolls in the late 1980s. Different characters in different poly pockets come with different outfits and colorful pocket-sized dollhouses. Collins will embody the classic toys, meaning there are plenty of options for violent costumes and sets.

Polly Pocket has inspired an animated TV series, but it will be the first live-action film based on puppets. Both Dunham and Collins expressed their excitement about the upcoming film, according to THR. See their quotes below:

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“I’m thrilled to be able to bring both my love and my deep-seated faith into this historic property,” Dunham said, adding that young women need smart, playful films that engage them politely.

Collins said it was a dream come true for a kid obsessed with poly bags and I can’t wait to bring these little toys to the big screen, Collins said.

Mattel’s other Hollywood treat toy is Vin Diesel, starring Rin ‘M Sock’ M Robots. The brand is also planning other live-action adaptations based on Hot Wheels, American Girl Dolls and Barbie. Some movies have been made based on these various toy initiatives, especially the Barbie franchise, Mattel seems to be heading in a new direction by jumping into the popular live-action remake format.

Collins starred in Netflix’s Rome-Com series Emily in Paris And the movie of 2019 Very bad, Clearly bad and disgusting. Dunham is best known as the creator of HBO girls, Which lasted six seasons.