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The Andhra Pradesh Police Communication Wing has developed a women’s security app that should be downloaded by every woman in the state. The app has been officially launched and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. So currently the app can only be downloaded for Android users in the country. No updates on iOS availability yet. Also read – Warning! Uninstall These 20 Evil Apps That Promise Minecraft Mods Instantly

The Disha app uses GPS to track the user’s location and alerts local police and authorities for assistance in an emergency. The app claims that the police and the relevant authorities will be on the scene in just 6 minutes.

How to use Disha appapp

To use the Disha app, users just need to shake the phone after opening the app on their mobile devices. This automatically turns on the GPS in the mobile device and alerts the nearby police station in the event of an emergency using a push button messaging system.

The Disha app is integrated with a number of useful features including nearby, security places, police stations, hospitals and many other important contacts. The women safety app also includes tracking and safety features to help the police officers quickly track the caller.

For assistance, users can click on the SOS option to call Dial 100 or any other helpline where the user will be directed to the central call center and then to the nearest police station.

How to download and use the mobile app

How to Download Disha App

The app is only available for Android users. Follow these steps to download the Disha app:

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-Go to Google Play Store

-Search for Disha App

-Install the app on your primary mobile device

– Once installed, set it up.

-To set up you need to add details like name, age, gender and address.

Once these steps are followed, you can open the app and use it in an emergency.

The government of Andhra Pradesh is urging all women of the state to download the mobile app immediately.

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