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Fast & Furious 9 star John Cena has teased what to expect from his villainous character Jakob Toretto in the highly anticipated sequel.

The WWE wrestler will make his franchise debut in the ninth episode as a master thief and hit man, who happens to be the brother of Jordana Brewster’s Mia and Vin Diesel’s Dom.

movie name Fast and furious 9
Date Time June 25, 2021 (US)
Director Justin Lin
To write Daniel Casey, Justin Lin

Super powerful magnets and rocket cars? ‘Fast & Furious 9’ is the furthest away from realism we’ve seen yet.

It seems that taking a creative break during the pandemic has paid off, as the latest installment of the ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise is here, and more insane than ever.

Just when we thought Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) couldn’t possibly find a way to blow up global monuments and expensive cars more spectacularly, he does. This time alongside the aforementioned Toretto brother, Jakob, played by John Cena. In a film no different from the others, the storyline focuses heavily on family, camaraderie and muscle cars.

Returning director Justin Lin, who made some of the series’ best films in ‘Fast 5’ and ‘Tokyo Drift’, is a steady hand behind the wheel, directing the action across multiple continents and delivering all the elements that made this franchise so strangely endearing. After more than two decades, ‘Fast & Furious 9’ marks the beginning of a trilogy that will bring the entire epic to a close – although further spin-offs, along the lines of 2019’s ‘Hobbs And Shaw’, aren’t ruled out, of course.

In ‘F9’ we see the return of our favorite characters, without the wisecracking Jason Statham and the fresh air at the center of the series Dwayne Johnson, but with the inclusion of Cardi B this time as the ‘random celebrity cameo’. We also see the introduction of John Cena, which I think goes way beyond its depth – with the potential to create a role that adds value to the storyline, unfortunately fell short of delivering the ‘black sheep master killer’ vibe which Lin means. Old hands and familiar faces made up for it, with the return of some of our favorites from the original (Jordana Brewster, Sung Kang), “Tokyo Drift” (Lucas Black), “Furious 7” (Kurt Russel) and “Furious 8” (Helen Mirren), not to mention some handsome nods to the late Paul Walker.

A standout in ‘Furious 9’ was clearly Michelle Rodriguez, who not only drives the storyline but also claims epic authority over some of the greatest stunts we’ve seen in any of the ‘Furious’ movies to date. Kudos to Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges and Tyrese Gibson, who upped their comedic addition to the script in this movie, making it not only a must-see action movie, but guaranteed belly laughs for the entire 124 minutes.

The soundtrack underlying the entire film was also to be applauded, as its consistency created tension throughout the scenes and helped the dramatic effect of car chases and exploding land mines. The rolling instrumentals alongside the standard hit songs that appear in all “Furious” movies made “Furious 9” an enjoyable movie to watch.

If you go to ‘Fast & Furious 9’, if you think the series has returned from spectacle and towards realism, there is a fantastic, wonderfully destructive chase with magnets, while anyone who has ever seen a ‘Fast & Furious in space ‘-gag will find their prayers duly answered. Unfortunately, if you’ve missed any of the previous ‘Furious’ movies, you’ll be thoroughly confused for most, if not all, of the film (although I’m not sure why you’d struggle with this one if you’ve got the other eight missed). Hot tip: don’t miss the first ten minutes either.

While certainly not the worst of the franchise, ‘Fast & Furious 9’ was hardly one of the best, and we’re looking forward to seeing them make up for it in ‘Fast & Furious 10’.

Fast & Furious 9 Cut A Stunt That Was ‘Too Expensive’ To Actually Shoot

Fast & Furious 9 co-writer and director Justin Lin is candid about an ambitious stunt that almost made it into the movie, but ended up having to be cut because it was too expensive.

Prior to the release of the action-packed sequel, the filmmaker revealed that he had hoped to shoot a scene in which Sean Boswell’s Pontiac Fiero is sent into space in a weather balloon.

In fact, he was so excited that when those responsible for the money finally vetoed the idea, he almost offered the money himself.

“The charges kept coming in, I kept fighting it,” Lin told slash movie. “And looking back now, that’s the only setup I personally would have paid for the weather balloon.

“I always like to start a crazy idea by actually doing it myself. We had a lot of references to work from but if you ask me personally, that was one I was adamant about [about]. But the budget – I think even with big budgets – I felt like we had found the limit of what we can do.”

A similar sequence eventually made it into the final edit, but it’s safe to say it’s not exactly what Lin originally mapped out. (Think more ‘rocket car’ instead of ‘weather balloon’.)

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In Fast & Furious 9, Vin Diesel will once again reprise his role as Dom Toretto, sharing the screen with fellow returning stars Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Sung Kang and Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel.

Dame Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron are also back as Magdalene Shaw and cyberterrorist Cipher, respectively. The only major cast member who is new is John Cena, who plays Dom’s estranged brother Jacob.

Fast and Furious 9 director reveals 11-year-old son came up with the film’s wildest stunt

Fast & Furious 9 Director Justin Lin has revealed that his young son has come up with the film’s wildest stunt.

In a new interview with Empire magazine, the filmmaker said that shortly after they decided they were going to include magnets in one of the much-anticipated major set pieces, 11-year-old Oqwe suggested adding an airplane to the mix.

“We were in London for a week and I had my son Oqwe with me, and the only way we could hang out was for him to come to the meetings,” Lin recalls. “Fortunately, those meetings were full of toy cars, and when an action beat proved difficult, Oqwe came up with a two-word solution: magnet plane.

“We were talking about the ravine [sequence] and I said, ‘Okay, so here it is’ [Tyrese Gibson’s character] Roman and [Ludacris’s] This one. [John Cena’s baddie] Jacob has to go across – how does he get there?’

“Oqwe picked up the net and presented the idea of ​​the plane and everything. After we spent hundreds of hours planning… I think he paid attention and understood the characters.”

In Fast & Furious 9, Vin Diesel will once again reprise his role as Dom Toretto, sharing the screen with fellow franchise favorites Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster, who set to share their first scene together on screen since the series began.

Sung Kang, whose character Han was previously killed, will also star, along with Game of Thrones’ Nathalie Emmanuel, Dame Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron, who is back as cyber-terrorist Cipher.

Fast & Furious 9 makes you ‘understand’ the first movie better, says Vin Diesel

Fast & Furious as a movie franchise, this year marks its 20th anniversary, with the ninth film in the series set to be released in just a few months.

But while the film will ramp up the action, bring the plot to the fore and possibly even go into space, it will also come full circle and go back to that original 2001 film.

Looking back on the entire franchise, Vin Diesel said, “The whole world is excited about the release of (F9), but for those who have been with the franchise, it’s even more special.

“Because if you can remember the first movie, now you go for the first movie and you understand the first movie even better. That is cool. I’m a (Dungeons & Dragons) head, so that’s kind of like origin stuff. So to see relatives you never thought you would see will blow your mind.

“We wanted to know where Dom was before he became Dom? Who were his influences? That will be very rich in stories and very nice to see.”

Interestingly enough, the role of the young Dom actually be played by Vin Diesel’s real son.

Select US cinemas are currently see the entire franchise on the big screen for free leading up to F9, although it doesn’t look like it’s happening in the UK.

Fast & Furious 9 hits US theaters on June 25 and UK theaters on July 8.