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Movie: F2 – Fun and frustration
Rating: 3/5

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations
Cast: Venkatesh, Varun Tej, Tamanna, Mehreen, Prakash Raj, Jhansi, Priyadarshi, Subbaraju, Nasser and others
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy
Editor: They are taming
art: AS Prakash
Producers: Shirish, Lakshman
Written and directed: Anil Ravipudic
Publication date: 12 Jan. 2019

The trailer for ‘F2’ is a huge hit. Director Anil Ravipudi has proved his mettle with his three films ‘Supreme’, ‘Raja The Great’ and ‘Pataas’.

And the combination of Venkatesh and Varun Tej is a major attraction. “F2” has everything to look forward to.

Let’s see if it’s worth the wait.


Venky (Venkatesh) marries Haarika (Tamannah). They lead a ‘nice’ life for six months, but later they become frustrated with minor issues between them.

Haarika’s sister Honey (Mehreen) falls in love with Borabanda Varun Yadav (Varun Tej) and their marriage is settled. But his life changes after his wedding date is set.

Frustrated Venky and Varun go to Europe, leaving the sisters frustrated.

The rest of the drama is how the sisters teach them a lesson.

Performances by artists:

Venkatesh’s comedic timing is the film’s main asset. He directs the film from the front. When he’s on screen, you’ll be entertained. He dominates the entire first half with his great comedy.

Varun Tej as Borabanda has a bit of success, but he’s mostly a supporting role for Venky.

Tamannah and Mehreen have brought a lot of glamour, they have made huge numbers and also showed off their bikini bodies.

Prakash Raj as a man who takes inspiration from ‘Gundamma Katha’ in the second half is okay. Priyadarshi and Rajendra Prasad also get long roles. Jhansi as Varun’s mother is good.

Technical excellence:

Although Devi Sri Prasad is disappointed in ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’, he has surprisingly given better music for “F2”, his songs are catchy and added to the fun atmosphere of the film.

Cinematography of Sameer Reddy is pleasant. The editing is neat, although the tempo drops in the second half.

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Hilarious Sequences
Venkatesh’s Comedy Timing
Nice first half
Glamor of heroines

regular story
Boring moments in the second half


Director Anil Ravipudi is a director who places more importance on comedy than plot. The stories of his films are not unique, but he tells them entertainingly. In “F2” he has a big ace – Venkatesh, whose comedic timing is legendary (who would forget his ‘Nuvvu Naku Nachavu’?).

Building on Venkatesh, he narrated this simple film about a frustrated husband and a future husband. The director has created a lot of fun out of their frustration.

He begins the film in a police cell in Europe and introduces Venkatesh’s life. Venkatesh’s story begins hilariously. He marries Tamannah and how frustration appears in his life is told in a comical way.

The scenes aren’t new, but Anil Ravipudi must have written them all with Venky in mind. Even if Venkatesh isn’t involved in the scenes, they made for a lot of fun.

Actors like Jhansi, Pragathi and Raghu Babu have done their best to turn the simple scenes into hilarious scenes. Every character makes us laugh. While Varun Tej’s introduction is clear, he gets the act right after a few scenes.

Until the break there is non-stop fun. One of the funniest scenes in the first half has Venkatesh recounting his married life to a dog and the dog shows empathy.

Director Anil Ravipudi is on top form throughout the first half. Even after the break, he continues the fun factor and also throws in some mass elements like showing the heroines in bikini and other act. However, Prakash Raj’s episode in Europe is not that funny.

While the first half was great fun, less frustration, the reverse happens in Prakash Raj’s episode. Still, the film never lacks entertainment and ends in a funny way with Venky giving some nice advice to all husbands to listen to their wives.

Anil Ravipudi has a knack for carrying one catchphrase at regular intervals throughout the film to generate laughter. Here he has used “Anthega Anthega” in all the right places.

Does this movie have a new storyline? No. Does this paisa provide vasool pleasure? Yes. Is it worth watching this festival? Anthega Anthega!

Despite its formulaic narration and predictable second half, the film is an entertaining watch.

Bottom line: More fun, less frustration