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We’ve been looking forward to a remake of a live-action movie from The little Mermaid for what feels like decades! The highly anticipated revival has finally released the official cast and we couldn’t be more impressed. Given some of the backlash on their other live-action remakes (Mulan), Disney must really strive for perfection this time.

Let’s take a look at the newly released cast of the upcoming movie The little Mermaid. We also take a look at the official filming locations and recent on-site photos!

Explore the set and cast of the live action movie – Ekdumzakaas.com

Who will play Ariel & Prince Eric?

Ariel’s captivating character was discussed by many fans with possible actresses. However, Disney has decided to cast Halle Bailey as the first black actress to star the passionate young mermaid. Beautiful and with a perfect voice, it’s no wonder Bailey was chosen from the countless candidates!

Halle Bailey is best known for her work as a musician in the sister duo Chloe x Halle. Halle Bailey was also seen in Beyonce’s Lemonade visual album alongside Zendaya. The twenty-one-year-old singer & actress will be a refreshing addition to the list of live action Disney princesses!

The charming Prince Eric is played by the rambunctious English/American actor Jonah Hauer-King. He is best known for his work in A dog’s way home which was released in 2019. King is also known for his performances in the miniseries Howards End and petite women.

Star-Studded Supporting Cast

What makes The little Mermaid endlessly entertaining is not only the compelling romance, but also the hysterical side characters! Here are some of the great actors portraying our favorite animals and sea creatures, friends and foes.

Actress and comedian Awkwafina will be the voice of the crazy seagull Scuttle! Awkwafina also starred in hits like Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s Eight. With a distinctive voice, it’s no wonder the talented comedian was chosen for the funny role of Scuttle.

Best known for his amazing performance in Room, Jacob Tremblay has landed the role of Bot. Tremblay, only twelve years old, is a perfect match for the young and energetic nature of Ariel’s fishing friend Flounder.

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Hamilton star Daveed Diggs will voice the wise crustacean Sebastian! His work as Thomas Jefferson and Lafayette in the insanely popular musical Hamilton, only proves that he has the vocal cords for the singing crab.

Finally, the octopus sorceress is played by none other than the hilarious Melissa McCarthy. The role of Ursula requires an actor capable of both comedy and drama and McCarthy is just the right actress to conquer both.

Recent Location Reveal & Photos

The daily email just released some new photos of the two protagonists rehearsing on the coast of Sardinia! Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island known for its white sand and crystal clear waters. It’s clear why the dreamlike island is now being used as a location for Disney’s The little Mermaid live action movie.

From what we can see in the photos, it looks like Bailey and King are rehearsing for the scene where Ariel rescues Prince Eric from the shipwreck and takes him to shore. Bailey was dressed in a swimsuit and even a mermaid tail! Of course, this just seems to be used to add CGI in post production.

So far, no details have been released about the plot summary or a possible release date. However, the photos show that Disney is sticking to the traditional Ariel story. Plus, since production is already underway, a release date should be revealed any time now!

We can’t wait any longer The little Mermaid live action movie! From seeing our favorite characters again and hearing our beloved songs, The little Mermaid is sure to be a hit. What do you think of the cast for? The little Mermaid live action movie? Which song can’t you wait to hear? Let us know in the comments below!