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It’s not just the villains that are iconic in Batman’s universe, but also his sidekicks. Starting with young Robin, who may have done so soon its own spin-off thanks to the project titled night wing. You should know that the Dark Knight, no matter how lonely he is, had not one but several Robin at his side, and even other protégés. So much so that today we are talking about Bat-Family. Dick Grayson was the first. Bruce Wayne took him under his wing after his parents were murdered when he was just a teenager. Soon, Dick also became Batman’s sidekick and continued his training with the vigilante.

For years he fought by his side against Gotham’s worst criminals, before a drive for emancipation and independence prompted him to stand on his own two feet. That’s how he became Nightwing, a hero in his own right. He also took on the role of Batman several times when Bruce Wayne was presumed dead. Their relationship is similar to that between a father and a son, and at times quite confrontational, with Dick often longing for more than living in the shadow of his mentor. So the latter came at a time when Bruce Wayne was already an assertive and confident Batman, and above all had reached a point in his life when he felt ready to take on a fatherly role. Or at least was ready to take care of a protégé. This is where things get stuck for the batter, thereby making Robin’s introduction inappropriate.

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This new Gotham vigilante movie will indeed highlight an inexperienced version of the character played by Robert Pattinson. Batman won’t be like that until the very beginning of his career. Matt Reeves, the director, also said he wanted to explore Bruce Wayne’s character before actually bringing the hero everyone knows to the screen. It would be better and more logical for him to gain experience before he could train and protect a young sidekick like Dick Grayson or another Robin. In such a context, the arrival of the one nicknamed Boy Wonder seems a little premature. Unless the film introduces a hitherto unseen iteration of the young hero. the batter should be the start of a franchise after all, so Robin has a shot at appearing in one of the future sequels..