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Bob’s burgers Creator Lauren Bouchard has announced the release date Bob’s Burger: The Movie Available soon. The animated show debuted on Fox in 2011, which featured the following. The plot centers on Bob Belcher (H. John Benjamin), his wife Linda (John Roberts) and their children, Tina (Dan Mintz), Jean (Eugene Myrmann), and Lewis (Kristen Schachal). Their crazy antiques are set around the restaurants they run together as a family. Previously, Bouchard was known for his work on the animation show home movies, It ran from 1999-2004

A movie based on Bob’s burgers The release date was announced in 2017 with plans for some time in 2020. Bou Bouchard stressed the importance of ensuring that fans who have watched the show since its inception are well suited to newcomers to the animation world. Most recently, the release date has passed before April 2021 Bob’s Burger: The Movie Disney was taken off the release list without seeing a date.

Collider Bouchard reported an update during a recent interview with his new AppleTV+ series Central Park. Bob’s Burger: The Movie Work is still underway to ensure it can meet the high expectations of the public. He also addressed the advancement of cinemas during the epidemic and wanted to make sure filmmakers feel comfortable going back to the theater experience in person. See below to read Bouchard’s full statement on the photo status:

“It’s coming. It’s hard work. It’s eager to bring it to the world. Encouraged to bring it at the right time. We are in no rush to stay in the cinema until we actually get back. People are going to the cinema and feel safe and comfortable there. “It’s not next month. We don’t have a date yet. We will announce it soon. But we are working hard.”

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When movie theaters reopen, not everyone will feel comfortable coming back. Social distance is still applied by many theater chains, so that there will be more and more restrictions per performance. Obviously Bouchard would like to wait for potential listeners to get to the most enjoyable and comfortable movie, especially if there are still some tweets behind the scenes. But with recent movies A quiet place second It has been proven that people incessantly return to the theater. Most importantly, the film is still in progress, although initially it lacked a release date.

Considering that Bouchard’s team is still at work Bob’s Burger: The Movie During the period of separation, it is clear that a lot of thought and love has gone into making this film. The animated series has a catchy concept and character characters that translate very well on the silver screen. This isn’t the first time a Fox animation show has had a movie in theaters Simpsons movie Was published in 2007, which was published to positive reception. Simpsons It’s obviously still a big part of pop culture so hopefully I’ll take care of it Bob’s burgers His own movie animation series will make it more popular.