Arthur returns in a new (and comforting) clip from the movie – ekdumzakaas

Kaamelott – First Stream unfolds

You must have already noted the release date. Until July 21, 2021 to discover in the cinema Kaamelott – First Stream. A film that is fast approaching after its release has been delayed many times in recent months, blamed for the Covid-19 epidemic, and is finally being revealed.

So after the first posters were posted online, today it is an unpublished excerpt just published on social networks. And to everyone’s surprise, it features the great comeback of Arthur (Alexandre Astier), even though the hero of this story has shined until then due to his absence in the various teasers.

An old-fashioned fragment for the film

On the program? It is the big surprise of the day, this excerpt should reassure the fans of the first hour. Where Alexandre Astier claimed to have taken advantage of the cinema format to offer something different, with a different way of telling his story, the father of Kaamelott seems to want to keep a few fetish photos from his series anyway.

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You can see below that Arthur therefore faces the Duke of Aquitaine (Alain Chabat) and the Duchess (Geraldine Nakache) during a verbal ping-pong sequence where the characters send memorable lines back to each other under the background of misunderstandings, in the pure tradition of the cult M6 -series.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the film will borrow such a format for 2 hours, but it’s reassuring to see that the origins of this universe will not be forgotten and so there will really be a link between the series and the future film trilogy.