Release Date : January 26, 2022
Genres :
Director : Aditya Sarpotdar
Stars : Siddarth Jadhav, Vignesh Joshi, Janardan Kadam
Writters : Sainath Ganuwad, Mahesh Iyer, Yogesh Joshi
Durations : 2h 14min
Plot: In the suburban city of Mumbai ie Dombivli an outrage of deadly virus breaks up and our protagonist with the help of his friends or people he just met during the outrageous event try to survive.

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In the suburban neighborhood of Mumbai, a wall separates the haves and the have-nots. Sudhir and Seema, a newly married middle class couple, live a life without hardship while Vishwas, a slum dweller, dreams of dignity for his people. Their lives collide as post nightfall the town fills up with ominous cries and moans that don't belong to people – they belong to zombies

The lives of Sudhir and Seema, a young middle-class couple, and slum leader Vishwas collide as they fight for their survival when a zombie outbreak wreaks havoc in the Dombivli suburb of Mumbai.

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