Timepass 3
Release Date : July 29, 2022
Genres : |
Director : Ravi Jadhav
Stars : Priya Bapat, Sameer Chowgule, Hruta Durgule
Writters : Priyadarshan Jadhav
Durations : 2h 2min

Local goon Dagdu clears his board exams and joins college to start life afresh. Unaware of his past, Palvi, don Dinkar Patil's daughter, falls for Dagdu. Will things work out between the two?

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Dagdu hasn't changed much since Prajakta left but his attempt to appear again for 10th standard exams proves worthy and with help of his friends he manages to pass out with 36 percent.

He wishes to take admission in Science stream which is quite impossible but manages to do so and also starts to work as paper boy again in early morning where he comes across his biggest enemy Madhav Lele.

Dagdu's friends advise him to leave old life of ruffian and be a gentleman if he wants to win Prajakta again, On the very first day of college he is ragged by seniors where enters a ruffian Palvi daughter of Don Dinkar Patil.

Palvi gets impressed by Dagdu's gentleman image and decides to change her self firstly by learning English by taking classes with none other then Madhav Lele.Palvi and Dagdu become friends where Dagdu also tells her about Prajakta and their friendship turns into love.

Dinkar Patil finds about it and is happy that Palvi has chosen a gentlemen he meets Dagdu's father Shantaram Parab for their marriage but both Dinkar and Palvi aren't aware about Dagdu's past image of being a ruffian.

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