Tadap 2021

Tadap 2021


An official remake of the Telugu film RX100, Tadap is an intense love story about two very different individuals. Any more which I add would act as a spoiler for those who haven’t watched the original. While the story is good, this is a watered down version of the original.

I remember watching RX100 about 3 years back and I was bowled over by the intensity and impact which it was able to create. But Tadap just does not hit home. The love stories which are intense often connect with me but this one just missed the mark. The screenplay relies on that one major twist towards the end but if you have watched the original then you would know exactly where this is headed.

In RX100, the final twist was revealed right at the end but here the cards are on the table a little too early. Early on in the film, the love story which develops someone isn’t infectious enough. The comedy too is flat and to be honest wasn’t required. Things get better in the second hour which was expected given the tale but somehow I felt a tad disinterested. Overall, an average screenplay at best.

About Tadap

Tadap is an Bollywood film and the official remake of a Telugu movie known as RX100. The movie shows the story of a village boy called Shiva who falls in love with a local politician’s daughter, Indu. The two begin an intimate relationship and disclose the same to their elders, but alas, they cannot be together. Shiva finds out that Indu does not love him and only wanted him for sex. This makes him mad and transforms him from a happy guy to a local goon

Tadap will release on Dec 03, 2021, and is directed by Milan Luthria. This movie will be available in the Hindi language. Tara Sutaria, Raaj Vishwakarma, Ahan Shetty, Sikandar Kher, Sharat Saxena, and Sunil Shetty will be playing as the star cast in this movie. Tadap will be movie available in Action and Romance genres.