Sumesh and Ramesh
Release Date : December 10, 2021
Genres :
Director : Sanoop Thykoodam
Stars : Sreenath Bhasi, Praveena, Salim Kumar
Writters : Sanoop Thykoodam, Joseph Vijeesh
Durations : 2h 20min
Plot: Indhu (Salim Kumar) as a drunkard lazy father and Praveena the Mom narrates atypical mallu drunkard family life. She is the breadwinner of family. Being Jobless teenagers Sumesh & Ramesh roam around like their father & careless .

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Sumesh and Ramesh The film moves forward through the bumbling sibling rivalry set against a rustic backdrop, but it is more than just that. Sumesh (Sreenath Bhasi) and Ramesh (Balu Varghese) lead a rather happy-go-lucky life, playing cricket and hanging out with friends.

But we see how the duo buries the hatchet and stands shoulder to shoulder when something important happens in the family,

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