Story of Laagir
Release Date : January 14, 2022
Genres :
Director : Roheet Rao Narsinge
Stars : Roheet Rao Narsinge, Chaitali Chavan, Sanjay Khapare, Rutuja Andre, Mohan Jadhav, Somnath Yelnure
Writters : Roheet Rao Narsinge
Durations : 2h 10min
Plot: Story Of Laagi is a drama film directed by Roheet Narsinge, featuring Sanjay Khapare and Roheet Narsinge in prominent roles.

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A love story set in a rural backdrop is at the heart of the film. It can be guessed from the trailer that there are many layers to the story of this film like love, politics, village feuds, intense power struggle. The feature of the film is the excellent performance of the new age actors.

Apart from that, the trailer is attracting attention due to the catchy songs and great cinematography. So, now on January 14th, we have to go and see “Story of Lagiram” in theaters.


Story Of Laagir is a Marathi movie released on 14 Jan, 2022. The movie is directed by Roheet Rao Narsinge and featured Sanjay Khapre, Milind Dastane, Prema Kiran and Chaitali Chavan as lead characters. Other popular actor who was roped in for Story Of Laagir is Roheet Rao Narsinge.

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