Release Date : Aug 12, 2021
Director : Vishnuvardhan
Stars : Sidharth Malhotra, Kiara Advani, Shiv Panditt
Writters : Sandeep Shrivastava
Durations : 2h 15min
Plot: The story of PVC awardee Indian soldier Capt. Vikram Batra, who shot to fame and became a household name during the Kargil War in 1999.

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Based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra who was an officer of the Indian Army, posthumously awarded with the Param Vir Chakra, India's highest and most prestigious award for valour, for his actions during the 1999 Kargil War in Kashmir between India and Pakistan.

Shershaah is a true story of a PVC awardee brave Indian soldier – Capt. Vikram Batra whose contributions helped India win the Kargil War of 1999.

About Shershaah 2021

Shershaah (King of Lions) is the nickname of Captain Vikram Batra, a brave heart and martyr who led India to a momentous victory during the Kargil War of 1999. As a mere applicant at the IMA in 1996, Batra rises to become a lieutenant in the 13th battalion Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (13 JAK RIF), following which he excels at all the various postings assigned to him across the country.

In the months leading up to the war effort, Batra meets his best friend and fiancé, Dimple Cheema, during Holi leave in Palampur, his hometown. Dimple cautions him to be safe and return, to which Batra replies that he would come back “after raising the Indian flag in victory or return wrapped in it.”

But he promises to come back for sure. On June 6th, he was assigned with 13 JAK RIF to Dras to act as reserves for 2 RAJ RIF, to capture and retrieve and repel attacks at Point 5140, which was a success. Batra is injured, but he trudges on with his troops until fighting resumes on July 4th, 1999. He fought with his troops, and before the dawn of 7th July, firing began again. Batra risks exposure to help another injured soldier, where he is shot in a close range, taking a splinter right after. He succumbs to his wounds.

He was subsequently awarded the Param Vir Chakra award, the highest for his persistent valour, on August 15th, 1999.

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