Raja Vamsam

Release Date : November 26, 2021

Genres :

Director : K.V. Kathirvelu

Stars : M. Sasikumar, Nikki Galrani, Radha Ravi

Writters : K.V. Kathirvelu

Durations : 2h 28min

Plot: A young man decides to visit his family and his future bride amidst a major project at his place of work. However, he learns that his bride-to-be is in love with one of his relatives.

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The story ins about Kannan (Sasikumar) who works as a team leader in the IT industry, he as as challenges to complete a prestigious project for his company in thirty days and another is that his big family wants him to marry a girl.

When an IT team lead, Kannan, bags a project with a tight deadline & intense rivalry, he’s also pressured by his large family to tie the knot. To get off his back, he takes home a colleague Gayathri to pose as his girlfriend but ends marrying her.

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