Nope is a 2022 American science fiction horror film written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele. It stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun. The film follows two siblings who witness a mysterious and abnormal event while running their horse ranch in California.

The film was released in the United States on July 22, 2022, by Universal Pictures. It received positive reviews from critics, with praise for Peele’s direction, Kaluuya and Palmer’s performances, and its unique and original take on the science fiction horror genre.

Here is a brief overview of the film’s plot:

OJ and Emerald Haywood are siblings who run a horse ranch in California. One day, they witness a mysterious object fall from the sky. They soon realize that the object is not a plane or a helicopter, but something much stranger.

The Haywoods decide to investigate the object, and they soon discover that it is not alone. There are other objects in the sky, and they are all behaving in strange and unusual ways.

The Haywoods must find a way to stop the objects before they cause any more damage. But they are not the only ones who are interested in the objects. A mysterious figure is also following them, and he seems to know more about the objects than they do.

Nope is a unique and original science fiction horror film that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. With its suspenseful plot, stunning visuals, and excellent performances, Nope is a must-see for fans of the genre.


In the movie Nope, OJ and Emerald Haywood are siblings who run a horse ranch in California. After their father is killed by a mysterious object that falls from the sky, they decide to try to capture video evidence of an unidentified flying object (UFO) in order to make some money. They enlist the help of Angel Torres, a tech salesman, and Antlers Holst, a documentary filmmaker.

The Haywoods soon discover that they are not the only ones who have seen the UFO. A nearby theme park, Jupiter’s Claim, is owned by Ricky “Jupe” Park, a former child actor who is trying to capitalize on the UFO sightings. Jupe believes that the UFO is a sign of the apocalypse, and he plans to use it to attract visitors to his park.

The Haywoods, Angel, and Antlers set out to capture video evidence of the UFO. They eventually succeed, but they soon realize that the UFO is not what they expected. It is a giant, black horse-like creature with sharp teeth and claws. The creature is hostile and dangerous, and it begins to terrorize the people of the area.

The Haywoods, Angel, and Antlers must use all of their skills and resources to stop the creature before it is too late. They must also deal with the danger posed by Jupe and his followers, who are determined to exploit the creature for their own gain.

In the end, the Haywoods and their friends are able to stop the creature and save the day. However, the experience has changed them forever. They have seen the dark side of human nature, and they have learned that there are things in the world that are beyond our understanding.

Nope is a science fiction horror film that explores themes of spectacle, exploitation, and the erasure of black contributions to the history of filmmaking. It is a visually stunning film with a suspenseful and thought-provoking story. Nope is a must-see for fans of Jordan Peele and anyone who enjoys a good scare.