Mapillai Thevai
Release Date : Jun 20, 2022
Genres : |
Director : Lakshmi Sowjanya
Stars : Naga Shaurya, Ritu Varma, Murali Sharma, Nadhiya
Writters : Lakshmi Sowjanya
Durations : 2h 12 min

Bases on a true story the movie shows the crime of drug facilitated sexual assault by politicians and gangs.

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Bhoomi, the owner of an eco-friendly start-up business in Hyderabad, is reluctant to get married. However, this begins to change when she meets Aakash, a successful architect.

Bhoomi is reluctant towards marriage, but her mother is on the hunt for a suitable groom. How did Bhoomi meet Aakash and what happens?

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