Mahaan 2022

Release Date : Feb 10, 2022

Genres :

Director : Karthik Subbaraj

Stars : Vikram, Simran, Dhruv Vikram

Writters : Karthik Subbaraj

Durations : 2h 43min

Plot: Gandhi Mahaan, a school teacher, is abandoned by his family after he decides to live a life of his own, with personal freedom.

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Mahaan 2022 Storyline

It is a narrative of a series of events that transform the whole life of an ordinary man as well as all the people around him. Mahaan features real-life father-son duo Vikram and Dhruv Vikram together for the very first time, along with Bobby Simha and Simran in pivotal roles.

It is the story of a man whose family leaves him when he strays from the path of ideological living in his search for personal freedom. However, as he realizes his ambitions, he also misses the presence of his son in his life. Having fulfilled his dream of becoming a billionaire, does life give him a second chance to be a father? This story is about how his life goes through an unexpected series of events in this thrilling, action packed journey.


Mahaan follows the story of a Gandhi Mahaan who decides to leave his family and principles behind and lead a life of freedom. The story is entertaining but predictable. There isn’t much novelty here. The screenplay standing at 162 minutes is a tad too long. A crisper edit was the need of the hour as certain portions definitely felt repetitive. But the good bit is that the proceedings are entertaining.

As a part of a brief flashback, the film begins on a hilarious note. A boy born in a Gandhi family caught gambling! And it is here that the writers establish their philosophy very early on in the film. From there on the struggle of the protagonist to stick to his principles only to walk away is what forms the first half.

The politics which the protagonist has to bear is also interesting to watch. In between there are some nicely choreographed fight sequences that keep you entertained throughout. The halfway mark is a highlight where the father and son duo meet and face off in style. So an entertaining first half.

While I expected a cat and mouse chase in the second half, the second half flatters to deceive in the sense that the writing isn’t layered enough. Again it is watchable but somehow that adrenaline rush was missing. The face off(second one) is good but the drama around it isn’t the best. The supposed twist in the final act could have been penned better to add a shock element to it which was missing. But again the screenplay was highly enjoyable and entertaining nevertheless, despite being predictable.

You can watch the movie online on Amazon prime video, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. A Thursday is a brilliant movie to watch in the action, Drama and Thriller genres.

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