Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai


A fictional story woven around a viral event, Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai follows the story of a young man falling for a woman only to find himself heartbroken after she dumps him. The story is alright nothing much to shout about.

The screenplay surprisingly starts off well with the world being created in a small town quite well. The humour in certain places is intact as well. Although there are no shock values but you still are quite invested in the drama with several witty moments culminating into a halfway point that is a bit shocking. And as you curiously begin continue watching, the curse of the second half strikes.

The proceedings are dry and the humour is flat. Just the very writing is what falters in the second hour which derails the film some what. The situations created are a little underwhelming as well and unimaginative that takes away the shine from the drama. In other words, the screenplay has an engaging first hour but an insipid second hour that spoils the fun as you just stop caring after a point and waot for the film to end soon.


Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai was released on sep 17, 2022 and was directed by Ssaurabh Tyagi .This movie is 2h 16min in duration and is movie available in Hindi language. Jassie Gill, Surbhi Jyoti, Vijay Raaz are playing as the star cast in this movie.

You can watch the movie online on zee5, as long as you are a subscriber to the video streaming OTT platform. Kya Meri Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai is a brilliant movie to watch in the comedy, Drama and Suspense and Thriller genres.